Monday, August 15, 2011

Just Washin' Up!

I log in last night and begin my usual routine of tracking when I get a message from a certain prey that I always have fun with under the guise of "checking to see if I am online."  We all know what that means.  So I check my scanner to see where she is at and whether or not she is alone.  Booooooo!  As it turns out she is in a sim that I do not have access to due to being banned.

My readers can reference the following link for clarification.

So, I informed this cute girl of my inability to track her in the location she was in and before I could explain why she was on my doorstep.  I guess we answered that conflict.

Since she had just come from the area referenced in the link above, there was only one thing to do before any play could commence.

First I had to get her out of those dirty clothes.  No telling what she picked up before coming to see me.

I had to pause for a bit at this point just to admire and fondle her ass.  There are a lot of pretty asses in Second Life, but damn this one has to rate near the top.

Now that the ass admiring was over, it was time to get my guest cleaned off.

So I began with a gentle back rub, to get her calm and relaxed.

A little kissing can go a long way as well.

Especially if the kissing is done properly.

And you all know I return the kissing favors.

Love this girl's flexibility.

Damn, dropped my camera in the bath water.  Lucky for me the underwater lens was on.

I did mention she was flexible didn't I?  This comes in handy when you want to bend your guest over the tub's edge.

I love when they throw their heads back and moan.

Now it was time to not only admire her nice ass, but to give it a firm spanking.  SLAP!

At this point she was more than willing to bend over backwards for me.

Bath time was over.  My guest was cleaned.  The world was right.  She looked up with those innocent eyes and asked what could she possibly do now that she had been fully cleansed.  Well, only one thing came to mind.

Time for her BAD DAY to really begin.

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