Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Return

As several of my readers know, I have a soft spot for pursuing, tracking, chasing, hunting, and of course fucking Dominas, or dominant women.  During the pursuit of this lovely passion, I have become friends with several of the Dominas within Second Life.

So it seemed only natural that I make a post about one's visit to kick off my comeback venture and the re-opening of this blog.

This lovely lady called me up claiming she needed to relinquish control for a bit and experience a loss of control, a loss of will, a loss of rights, and of course, the loss of say with regard to her body.  You know me, I'm willing to make that level of sacrifice.  It is for a friend after all, and what a lovely looking friend.

Soon after her arrival, I was able to coerce my friend into trying on her restraints, in this case leather cuffs, courtesy of Real Restraints.  Not my top preference for restraints, but I do love the ease of their menu and for this type of a scene, they worked just right.

Once all of my visitor's abilities were revoked, it was only a question of how much latex did I want her to continue wearing.  So we played a quick game of knife - latex.  Its sort of like rock, paper scissors, only knife always wins.

Winning!  Duh.

Once I had her down to her tight little thong, I proceeded to move her into the house.  "C'mon little bunny, hop along."

Once we moved to my sitting room and I had taken off my visitor's panties, we began discussing her fate and what I expected her to accomplish within the coming days.  While the word "days" was still registering on her typically in-control dominant brain, I pulled my cock out, to distract her.  It worked.

I'm not entirely sure because of the gag, but I think she said, "Oh, shiny!"

At this point I noticed her new tattoo.  She claims its a dagger entwined with a rose.  I insist its a T and an S.  You be the judge.

From there, I proceeded to do what I do best, give her a ride.

I do love how fiercely a dominant woman will fight her own orgasm.

There is nothing better than when they succumb, and show their O face.

After such an intense workout, I was more than happy to leave my visitor in a restful place for the night.  Maybe I'll play with her again tomorrow.  Maybe I'll keep her.  Maybe this blog is to be continued.  Maybe not.

Trick 2.0

I didn't even make it a month.  Actually, I'm surprised I made it this long.  I just missed you people WAY too much to stay away.

New.  Improved.  Meaner.  Nastier.  Everything you girls wanted in a tracker, and several things you don't want.