Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Slow Night

It was a slow night, even by tracker standards.  What can one do on such a slow night?

Why, swing by Sassy's and get your complimentary BettyBoop blowjob.  What else?


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So I get an emergency call from Rivan on my Trickphone.  Its like a Batphone, but waaaaay cooler.  It seems he had gotten offline reports of a bad element hanging around at the store and wanted me to swing by and sort of "take care of things", if you know what I mean.

I think I took care of the issue.

Have a BAD DAY!

**Author's Edit** - No actual Sassies were injured in the making of this blog entry.  The above was merely a test of the Sassy Test Skirt System.  If you dare to grab a real life Sassy, please consult your doctor or primary physician first, for C4 lined skirting may explode on contact.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Shake My Head Moment

So I was a member of a group, Women Who Voice with Men, or something other, at the request of a lady friend in Second Life that I sometimes talk to while in-world.

I was recently ejected from the group.  So I sent a message to the owner of the group, Eroticana Brucato, to ask why.  She replied that the group was dead and she was closing the group.  I just off the cuff commented, with a sly grin, "too bad, we never got to talk."

This was then met with a string of cursing telling me to leave her IM and to fuck off and all men ever wanted in the group was to talk to women.  She then ended this tirade with "mute".  For those readers that know my feelings on "mute", yes, I looked.  She is Gorean.

So I'm just sharing my shake my head moment with my readers.  Cursed at and muted, for implying that I would want to talk to a girl in Second Life.  Who was owner of not one, but several, "voice-themed" groups.

I think I'll label this post under Gorean dumbass.  Or is that an oxymoron?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Treat

I was recently exploring a newly opened sim and decided to do a little "fishing" and managed to catch the limit within a fairly short time.  After having some fun with my haul and sharing a few of them with local regulars, I called it a day and headed home.  My partner was already home and had informed me that she had a surprise for me.

Imagine my delight at discovering that she had purchased a Bad Day Skirt.  Such a lovely girl I have for a partner.

I was so excited I pulled her up from her reading and begin stripping her newly purchased clothing from her shocked body.

You have to love when our prey, no matter who it is, start that pre-fuck squirm and squeal.

Stripped down, nipples at attention, partly from the cool air, and partly from my sharp slaps.  I almost hate to keep going from this point.  Notice I said "almost".

Of course I can have my partner drop and slobber all over my cock any time I want, but there's something about grabbing that skirt and forcing her to do it.

I can tell she appreciated the forcefulness as well.

Then a quick pounding to her cunt and some hot jizz pumped inside of her, and from here without saying a word I force ported her off to some unknown and dark place.

To my fellow trackers, she is all your's.  Enjoy the little fucktoy.

As for you my loving partner, have a Bad Day bitch!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Position on P's

I've had a few people comment on my position on this topic, so I thought it best to clear the air and explain why I feel the way I do.

See the picture.  Good looking girl.  Obviously dressed in Sassy clothing and ready to get into trouble.  Now, if you know this girl, please no comments on her identity.  I'm not pointing anyone out or implying that by showing this girl's picture that she is the one sparking this post.  I just like taking pictures of pretty girls and this one happened to also have her belt set to P, or "permission required".

I was in close proximity to a similarly dressed girl recently, who also had her skirt set to P and she flirted, and got close, and even bumped into me a time or two, clearly in an attempt to incite me into grabbing her. The trouble is that I could see on the tracker that her skirt was set to P.

When I left the area, she railed on me in my IM that I was half a man for not having the balls to try and grab her skirt.

So, here's my thoughts.

To me, P is like a fetish.  I don't track girls into water sports.  I don't track girls into animals, unless of course the animal is named Trick.  I don't track girls who only like sex on Mondays (freaky bitches).  Likewise, I don't track P's.  I just don't like it.  The girl in question could have just as easily been trying to entice me into piss games, or bestiality.  She would have gotten the same reaction, the cold shoulder and a curt, yet polite, no thanks.

Trackers, for the most part, don't judge prey for their kinks and non-kinks.  Thankfully "most" of the prey don't judge us trackers for our's.

Just felt like a Thursday rant.  Also one of my kinks.  Fuck I'm turned on now.

Have a BAD DAY you fuckers!