Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Passing Time

So I had a "date" this morning in SL, which turned out to be a no show.  Just as well, as I bumped into a very dear friend of mine and found a way to pass the time.  Rest assured, if you have a nice looking mesh avatar and wear Real Restrained products sensibly, or a relay that allows me to access a well organized RLV folder full of RR products, you WILL catch my attention.

The Sinapedic Mattress by Abandoned Freight is also a plus.  I know I don't typically call out furniture or devices here, but this is one item that is a must, if you're into well done animations.  But, don't take my word for it.

Just judge for yourself.

"Trick, you seem to eat a lot of pussy..."  Of course I do.  They wouldn't have two lips if they weren't meant to be kissed.

And some times it pays to stoke the fire before adding a bigger log.

Is there anything better than taking a helpless and bound girl?

Just using her body for your pleasure?

Oh, I forgot.  It also helps if the avatar has an awesome ass, sort of like this one.

Who knows, I might use that hole as well.

You bitches have a bad day.