Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Finally! ***1,000***

It seemed like catching that elusive 1,000th victim was really getting to be too much work.  I'd teleport in, the victim would be afk, or not rezzing appropriately, so I took another angle.

I put out an ad for a maid, rented a cabin, and waited.

Sure enough...

Now, you'd think girls would be hesitant to apply for employment by themselves on a foggy evening to a rundown looking cabin in the middle of the woods.  It seems maids in Second Life are desperate for work.  Thank goodness for a crappy economy.

I knew as soon as I let the young girl in, she was the one.

However, it didn't take long for her to notice the suspicious pulley system.

Thus leading to a brief struggle as I forced her arms back and cuffed her.

From there, she was helpless to stop the head harness from going on.  You people know how much I adore a girl with an O shaped mouth.

She kicked and squirmed a bit as I strung her up.  Those damn boots caught me in the shin once.  Damn MD boots.  If I ever catch that Miss Pinklady....  Well, that's another story.

Once I tied her ankles down though, she was completely helpless.  The threat of a long rod being pushed up into a girl's sex can take a lot of fight out of her.

From there it was just a matter of slowly unwrapping my 1,000th present.

She soon realized the long rod was no threat.

I let her squirm on that a bit as I showed her what else she had coming.

First, some retribution for the boot kick to my shin.  Damn feisty brats!

Her face told me she was starting to realize this was no job interview.

I spun her around to look in her face as I took her from the front.

Then I took her from the back, whispering in her ear everything I had planned for her.

As I finished and relaxed, reflecting on the past 999 victims, I came to the conclusion that this "maid" was worth keeping around.  If y'all are lucky, you may see her again.

Have a BAD DAY bitches, and may your 1,000 victims be as fun as mine have been!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fuck or Rent my Three Hole Whore

Just a brief break from my trek to 1,000 with a side note on another project I have going on.  One of my girls recently expressed her fetish/fantasy/desire to be a full time whore in Second Life.

So, I created a group, which should show in search, called "Fuck or Rent my Three Hole Whore".  The whore in question is Nichole Aker.  Of course, I don't call her Nichole, or Nicole, or Nicki...I just call her "whore".  You should too.

She loves sex.  She can't get enough.  Any hole, any position, anywhere.

So, search for the group, join as it's free, then invite your friends.  The group is also set up so that any member can invite other members.  My goal is to have as many sadistic, cruel, horny, whore using men, or she-males, in this group as possible.  Once in, contact the whore and use her.  THAT simple.

It's rare she has this many clothes on, but it is a nice outfit.

Perhaps one of the hottest asses in Second Life.  If you press your ear to it, you can hear the ocean.

A mouth built to suck cock, and suck it hard.  You may need to slap her to get her to let go.

Tits that mold themselves around your shaft.

Trust me when I say, "This whore could suck start a Harley!"

Just one of whore's 250 favorite positions.

The bitch was born to ride.

DO NOT forget her ass.  Her favorite place to take your load.

Join.  Message.  Use.  So simple a Gorean could do it.

Have a BAD day bitches!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Busy day indeed.  Was almost ready to log off, when this honey caught my eye.  Soooo, I introduced myself.

I didn't overdo it with photos as I'm conserving energy for that next capture.  I'm still up in the air over what to do once I hit that milestone.

This is quickly becoming my favorite position.  I just love the state of helplessness on her face.

She did beg me to let her ride though, and you know I had to spank that ass while she did so.

And I spank hard!

Finally, sucking on her tits while I plant my load deep inside of her.

Now, a slight break, and who knows?  1,000 tonight?  Tomorrow?  Don't worry bitches, it'll be soon.

Have a BAD day!


Counting down!  Who's going to be that special vict...err..."guest" that rings in number 1,000?

Stay tuned bitches!

Friday, May 10, 2013

T Minus...

The countdown is officially on.  I am approaching 1,000 victims/prey/helpless girls that I have coerced/grabbed/captured all for the purposes of fucking/abusing/getting to know better.  Insert the word which works best for you.

Now, I am currently working on several scenarios to grab my 1,000th victim, but nothing is set in stone yet.  As such, I'm always open to suggestions/ideas/gifts of bound women on my doorstep.

Meet #985.

Let me just say that while I use several platforms to find my prey on any given day, BDS will remain forever number one in my heart.  When I find a girl wearing BDS who also owns a piece of furniture with Luna Animations in it, well lick my ass and call me Huggybear.  That's icing on the damn cake.

Come here sweetie, dance for Trick.

Dance she did.  Forward, backward.  Up.  Down.  ALL around.

Notice how I keep my hands in my lap during the dance.  PURE gentleman.

Yeah, that's right.  Gentleman.

Of course, I can only be a gentleman for so long.

Something about when a girl has my cock in her hand and she looks up and smiles....

just makes me want to wipe that smile off of her face.

All the way off.

This little minx got me so worked up, I totally forgot what a gentleman I was and fucked her entirely from the backside.  In her chair.

On the floor.

Back in the chair.  Arch that back you little whore.  At this point she begged me for my seed.

So, being the gentleman I am, I coated her tongue with it.

985.  Whatever will I do at 1,000?  Retire?  Become a consultant?  Go to 2,000?  Might as well try to count the licks needed to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop.

Have a BAD day bitches!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

More cream

Just a few more highlights from my gallery.  I was busy today doing the preliminary tracking on my 1,000th victim.  Stay tuned, I plan on a few posts of victi...errr..."guests" leading up to number 1,000.

I think it's the look on their faces when they first realize they are about to be raped.  God that sends me over the edge.

Bitches ain't even safe at Sea World.

Don't worry baby, I won't mess up your hair.  Make-up...yes.  Hair...no.

"You're not going to put it in my..."  "Yes.  Yes I am."

One of the perks of this "job".  You never know who you'll get to "meet".

And yes, even store demo models are not safe.

Yes!  Right there, on the tip...

"Is it smoky in here, or is it me?"  "Oh, it's you baby..."

Bent over.  Face down.  Ass up.  Is there anything better?

Nope.  Nothing better.

If you rape bitches on voice like I sometimes do, it's always good if they scream to match their avatar.  Wowza!

Another of my truly favorite grabs.  So much so, I collared her and kept her.

Enjoy bitches!