Monday, October 29, 2012

Trick or Treat Indeed!

All Hallow's Eve.  That time of year when children go guising, attend costume parties, make jack-o-lanterns, light bonfires and bob for apples, visit haunted houses, play incorrigible pranks, tell scary stories and just resort to all sorts of tomfoolery.

But unbeknownst to most, its also the time of year when the evil Sassy witch roams the earth, looking for wayward sluts to corrupt and bring under the influence of her dark power.

Luckily, the forces of good are represented by this man.  Father Sinister.

Not to be put off by the foreboding weather and heavy fog, Father Sinister began his search by querying numerous townspeople around the area where the Evil Witch was said to operate.  Not all of the townsfolk appeared to be very coherent, a state easily chalked up to dark magic.  Luckily one fellow had been on his cell phone at the time of the Evil Witch's spell and was still in a state of semi-coherency.  Father Sinister was directed to find a trailer situated in a graveyard and to look for either a gray or black cat, the Evil Witch's familiars.

Our hero quickly located a foreboding graveyard, and attempted to obtain information from a distraught looking girl before realizing it was the ghost of an innocent skirt wearer, no doubt locked in the netherworld by the Evil Witch.  Father Sinister sensed the evil trailer park church must be nearby.

Sure enough.  If ever a place spoke more of evil than a trailer converted into a dark unholy place, this had to be it.

Upon entering the church of ill refute, a gray cat was encountered.  Before our hero could take steps to protect himself, he heard a raspy challenge coming from the pulpit of the dark church.

Turning his gaze in the direction of the voice, Father Sinister's gaze settled upon a lovely and tempting lass, but clearly the Evil Witch herself.

Father Sinister clutched his holy book tightly, and began chanting a long forgotten prayer.  One which would drain the Evil Witch of her power and enable our hero to restrain her.

What luck!  The prayer worked and before she could retaliate with her own dark magic, the Evil Witch was restrained and her power drained.

Our hero then removed the Evil Witch to her own unholy room of worship and forced her to sit in the middle of her own pentagram, keeping a wary eye on her other familiar.

Not having any means by which to transport the necessary amount of holy water with which to vanquish the Evil Witch and remove her powers, our hero had drank the water, knowing it would be converted inside his body to holy seed.  He then set about the laborious task of transferring his holy seed into the vessel of the Evil Witch.  Grueling work, but necessary.

Once the Evil Witch was filled with the good Father's holy seed and her body at its weakest stage, our hero began the task of cleansing her flesh as well.

All of her flesh.

Not an easy chore, but luckily our hero had plenty of seed in reserve.

Once the dirty deed was done, our hero left the now powerless witch laying helpless at the foot of a tombstone which simply read, "Have a BAD day bitches!"

Happy Halloween everyone.  No witches were hurt during the filming of this blog entry.  Well, not much anyway.

Monday, August 20, 2012

When a Playmate Calls..

So I received a letter out of the blue last week.  As with most letters sent to me, this one started, "Dear Mr. Sinister".

Hello my name is Cathrine , a friend of mine suggested to me that  you  could help in boosting my modeling career.

My most recent modeling assignment was for Playmate Magazine where I appear on the July cover and was Playmate of the month for this same month. Being awarded this honor puts me in the running for Playmate of the year. Along with Modeling for Playmate Magazine my resume includes some free lance assignments for exhibitions and events including modeling the Sassy BD Skirt.

It would be an honor meeting with you to discuss any ideas you my have in furthering my modeling career.

Thank you.

Along with this letter, Cathrine included a photo from her portfolio that left me no choice, and I mean NO choice, but to reply in the kindest way I possibly could and offer to assist this young lady fully.  I am a gentleman after all, am I not?

Naturally, I invite the young lady over to a meet and greet.  I'm more a fan of BDS wearers showing the skirt, but this young gal had hidden the skirt to showcase these lovely hotpants.  I guess I couldn't complain once she twirled around and showed off that tight ass.

Of course, like most young girls, Cathrine was very naive.  She actually thought I was going to stand idle while she modeled her ensemble.  I think not.

She quickly found out this was not so much modeling as it was a demonstration.

Who here can honestly say they have had a Second Life Playmate sucking on their cock?  I'm being serious, I'm truly curious.  Are all Playmates as slutty as Miss July?  If so, that's eleven more girls I wanna meet.

Look at how well defined her lips are as she drags them up and down my shaft.  Sure, its probably plastic surgery, but when lips are locked onto your meat, can you really criticize?

Playmates are not just meant for sucking, no no no.  They also take cock in their other holes pretty nicely.  This was quickly turning from a Dear Penthouse day to a Dear Hustler day.

I swear, at this point I was hearing "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" in my head.  I still cannot get that song out of my head.  You probably can't either now.  Good!

But back to my sensitive side, I could tell that hanging on the board and having her pussy pounded was taking a toll on Miss July, so I moved her to something more comforting.  Then began to get back to pounding her pussy.  I'm such a humanitarian.

As Miss July rode me and her tight fuck hole worked its magic on my dick, I began to think about how hot it would be to keep a Playmate for myself.

So I did.  Sorry trackers, one less prey for you to grab.

Have a BAD DAY bitches!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Catching Up

Things in the real world have been hectic for the last couple of months and I've been missing my favorite whore in Second Life.  Well, we caught up recently and she reminded me that I've been promising/threatening to post pictures of her ass in action for some time, so..

I started her off with a nice slow ride, gently easing my cock into her after many many weeks of not seeing my favorite piece of ass.

I love watching her tight ass as she bounces and flails up and down on my hard shaft.

After some teasing I bent her over the bench and begun teasing her ass with my dick.  Soon I had her begging for me to sink it into her.

You can tell by her face she couldn't have held out any longer.

So I began ramming my hot cock deeper into her as my hands explored her backside.  Squeezing, gripping, slapping, sending her over the edge.

Then I jerked her hair back as I arched her back and pounded my heavy thick load of jizz into her hungry twat.

Catching up is so good to do.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Walking back into the depths of Second Life from my time off at my doctor's beach house, as discussed in the prior post, and I come along a scenic stretch of the coast and stopped to admire a nice historic lighthouse when what should happen to wander into my line of sight but a girl in BDS apparel.  Its as if fate were directing my trip back.

Of course, being the curious sort, I amble over to chat the fine beauty up and next thing you know, its as if the belt jumped into my hand!

It didn't take long for instinct to kick in as I quickly had the girl handcuffed and gagged.  I am attempting to change my MO a bit here and there as I chose not to use the duct tape I normally use for gagging and instead pushed a rather thick penis gag into his girl's mouth.  Not to my surprise, she practically devoured the damn thing.

I then began the arduous task of relieving this pretty girl of her clothing.  I don't get why girls dress so heavily for a trip to the beach when they have a perfectly working bikini beneath their clothing.

Regardless, I wasted no time removing her bikini and was delighted to find the cutest nipple piercings.
Its my personal experience that girls with TWO pierced nipples will most likely want to fuck.

Being the gentleman I am, I looked for some extra privacy for me and my new lady friend.  As it happened, there was an elaborate cavern beneath this lighthouse, complete with cells.  I'm going to guess it was the old lair of any number of coastal pirates or smugglers.

I chose to worry about that later though as by now my date for the evening was moaning and whimpering and squealing on that gag, it was pretty obvious she was begging for some hot cock.

So I initiated a little foreplay, you know, to make sure she was good and moist.  Her pussy damn near ate my fingers as tightly as she was clenching and grabbing.  You best believe foreplay did not take long at all for this eager slut.

So I pushed her down to the ground and began rocking her ass to sleep.  The deeper I drove, the louder she squealed.  I fully expected her to chew that gag right off.  Then she orgasmed and almost bucked me right off of her body.

Of course, I am always the gentleman, so I made sure she was good and relaxed and left her in a secure safe spot to "nap".  Have a bad day bitch!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dealing with Tension

I've been feeling kind of tense lately, so my doctor suggested I take some time off and get some fresh air.  In fact, he recommended I hit the beach, and even gave me the keys to his beach house.  Good call doc!  I feel soooooooooooo much better!

Nothing beats getting away from the rigors of tracking.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shaking My Head

I was out and about today, wandering through a few sims on the prowl, as I usually am, when my icontrol remote scanner picked up an available implant free for the grabbing.

So, being the prick I am, I commenced to taking control of the implant's wearer, and kidnapped her to an empty and desolate spot and began having my way with her.

Now, during this scene the little tramp did mention that she was owned and her Master was a powerful sorcerer and he would be coming for me, blah, blah, blah.

Of course, this was all done IC, or in-character.  At no time did she initiate an IM or use the OOC brackets.  So, fuck it, I kept doing what I was doing and worked into a few taunts about her Master.  "He obviously left your implant open so you would get grabbed." that sort of thing.

Now, I fucked this girl pretty good, even by my standards.  I went through almost any position imaginable. I more or less used her as a worthless toy.

At the end of the scene, I was my usual well mannered self and I let her go, with no fuss.  Keep in mind that throughout the scene she was moaning, writhing, shuddering, taking my cock deep, the typical emoting.

After I released her and left the scene, I get the following by way of IM;

[14:28] Random Slut: (THis was not appreciated....AT ALL!)
[14:28] Trick Sinister chuckles.
[14:29] Trick Sinister: it was on this end.
[14:29] Random Slut: Prick, the only way you can get any I'm sure
[14:30] Trick Sinister smiles.
[14:30] Trick Sinister: yes, i rely on oversighted masters to leave their girls open and free for all.
[14:30] Trick Sinister: im part of a network, let me send your name out to the group.
[14:30] Trick Sinister: anyone with a scanner can use you.
[14:30] Trick Sinister: enjoy.
[14:31] Random Slut: I came to a heartbeat of logging and I will next time.
[14:31] Trick Sinister grins.
[14:31] Trick Sinister: we both know why you did not.

It makes no sense at all to me, so I'm just sitting here shaking my head, but I'm sure once this post is done I'll have forgotten about her.

What she failed to remember was that her name was still fresh on my scanner, so I restricted her fully, stripped off her clothing, turned her relay to auto-accept and teleported her to a rape/forced sex sim.  Enjoy bitch!

She never replied to my last line, and she never commented on my restrictions and teleporting, but I did check and she at no point logged off to get out of RLV.  Maybe this girl wanted it more than I realized.  Ah well, one for the books.  I'll never figure sluts out.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

High Pressure Sales

It seems I've had several inquiries lately from various women wanting to be part of my blog and to get it back into a regular schedule of publishing.  Tonight I received just such an inquiry and decided to teleport the lady in question to my chamber.  As soon as I saw her, I knew I had to have her.

After all, green is one of my eight favorite colors.  Being the type of person I am, I immediately grabbed her and began ripping her clothes off, to let her know what was in store for her, as if she didn't already know.

I did pause to lock some tight fitting clamps and intersecting chain onto her nipples.  I'm assuming this was acceptable given the length of her moaning.

As I pulled her dress all the way off, I could tell I'd made the right choice for tonight's entry given the intricacy of work.  Yeah, her ink work.

She actually taunted me a bit as I removed my shirt.  As if she felt she wasn't in trouble, or worse yet, as if she has a semblance of control about the situation.

She quickly found out how wrong it was to taunt me as I forced her to her knees, pressing my thick dick into her face.

Of course, there was no need to use any force much past that, as my visitor soon took to quickly and eagerly gobbling up my dick.

And gobbling some more, pressing her fat tits into my legs.  Look at how her mouth stays glued to my dick.

Soon I had no choice but to grip her head with both hands, pumping hard in and out of her hot little throat.

Once she had my dick good and greased with her spit, I stood her up and bent her over, taking her hot little snatch like a snatch should be taken.

I began yanking her wrists upward, giving her back more of an arch, my knobby manhood rubbing her swollen clitoris on each thrust.

Despite my lust craze, I still made the bitch beg for my jizz, which I shot deep inside of her.  I believe this was about the time this saucy little bitch remembered she had forgotten her birth control pill.

Then I stood her back up, toyed with her tits a bit, then straightened her hair and tossed her back her clothes.  Never let it be said I'm no gentleman.

Have a BAD DAY everyone!