Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shaking My Head

I was out and about today, wandering through a few sims on the prowl, as I usually am, when my icontrol remote scanner picked up an available implant free for the grabbing.

So, being the prick I am, I commenced to taking control of the implant's wearer, and kidnapped her to an empty and desolate spot and began having my way with her.

Now, during this scene the little tramp did mention that she was owned and her Master was a powerful sorcerer and he would be coming for me, blah, blah, blah.

Of course, this was all done IC, or in-character.  At no time did she initiate an IM or use the OOC brackets.  So, fuck it, I kept doing what I was doing and worked into a few taunts about her Master.  "He obviously left your implant open so you would get grabbed." that sort of thing.

Now, I fucked this girl pretty good, even by my standards.  I went through almost any position imaginable. I more or less used her as a worthless toy.

At the end of the scene, I was my usual well mannered self and I let her go, with no fuss.  Keep in mind that throughout the scene she was moaning, writhing, shuddering, taking my cock deep, the typical emoting.

After I released her and left the scene, I get the following by way of IM;

[14:28] Random Slut: (THis was not appreciated....AT ALL!)
[14:28] Trick Sinister chuckles.
[14:29] Trick Sinister: it was on this end.
[14:29] Random Slut: Prick, the only way you can get any I'm sure
[14:30] Trick Sinister smiles.
[14:30] Trick Sinister: yes, i rely on oversighted masters to leave their girls open and free for all.
[14:30] Trick Sinister: im part of a network, let me send your name out to the group.
[14:30] Trick Sinister: anyone with a scanner can use you.
[14:30] Trick Sinister: enjoy.
[14:31] Random Slut: I came to a heartbeat of logging and I will next time.
[14:31] Trick Sinister grins.
[14:31] Trick Sinister: we both know why you did not.

It makes no sense at all to me, so I'm just sitting here shaking my head, but I'm sure once this post is done I'll have forgotten about her.

What she failed to remember was that her name was still fresh on my scanner, so I restricted her fully, stripped off her clothing, turned her relay to auto-accept and teleported her to a rape/forced sex sim.  Enjoy bitch!

She never replied to my last line, and she never commented on my restrictions and teleporting, but I did check and she at no point logged off to get out of RLV.  Maybe this girl wanted it more than I realized.  Ah well, one for the books.  I'll never figure sluts out.

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