Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Trick Photography

So I got a call from one of my dearest friends in Second Life, Sassy Romano.  Seems she has a friend who has an upcoming rez day and Sassy wanted to give her a memorable experience, so she changed the girl's relay so that my name and anything giving away my identity was hidden, as I know the girl as well.  Then Sassy summoned her to my sky box under the guise of having a photo shoot for her rez day.  Spoiler alert - This wasn't an ordinary photo shoot.

I played it cool at first, y'all know how I roll.  I had her get comfortable on a small chair, taking a few generic pictures.

Look at those sultry eyes and pouty lips.  You just know this is going to be a fun fuck.  And she chose to wear a cross.  A girl after my own heart.

Now, forget all that beauty you saw in her face.  Look at that sweet ass.  The ass that launched a thousand ships, or something like that.

Of course, that small chair wasn't really getting the job done, and this girl still thought this was a generic photo shoot for her husband.  So I brought out a more suitable chair and had her get cozy.  Smoke that cigarette darling, you're going to be smoking something meatier very soon.

So I took a chance, and slid into the chair.  Under the guise of getting a close up, of course.  However, my tell tale bulge rubbing at her through my jeans gave away my intentions.

Pulling her hair down confirmed those intentions.  By now she was cupping her own breasts and grinding herself into me.  "You didn't bring me here for pictures, did you Sir?"  No.  No, I did not.

That's when she tugged the dress downward to let those perky nipples show, and ripped off her panties.  This bitch was in heat.

What else could I do but take off my own shirt and help her out of that lacy dress.  She took matters into her own hands from there.

Then she started licking the head of my cock, I got so excited I.....

Damn it.  Dropped the camera.  Lucky for me it didn't break.

I got everything righted again and just gripped her hair, doing my best to try and not be sucked out of the chair.  Fuck, this girl could suck start a Harley.

I then kicked her off the chair and over to my bed.  Seriously, what photo studio has a ready made fuck bed in it?  The kind I work in, that's what kind.  I decided to make that rare return favor and tasted this sweet honey for myself.  Pussy juice made of sunshine and gold, I shit you not.

I could barely contain myself at this point, bending her sweet body over backwards and plowing fully into her.  At this time she gave up trying to guess who I was and just decided to call me God.  "Oh God, go faster!  Oh God, go deeper!  Oh God, you're huge!"  You get my drift.

Then I decided I was doing too much work, and decided to lay back and let her ride.

And ride she did.  Up and down.  Faster.  Then faster still.

Finally she gave up, a quivering pile of female flesh, so I easily pushed her over and kept pounding my hard dick in and out of her.

Look at that needy cunt.  What man could say no?  After an hour or so of this, I couldn't stand it any more and blew a thick wad of my spunk deep inside her fertile womb.  Let's call it a nine month later rez day gift.

Of course, it was all she could do to roll over and curl into my arms.  Her soft lips parted with one more request.  "Please tell me your name, kind Sir?"

I didn't.  But I made sure she got my business card.

Have a BAD day bitches!