Monday, July 29, 2013

The Perfect Hostess

I decided to drop in on a friend I had not seen in some time lately, but unfortunately was unable to catch her at home.  However, upon entering her home I was greeted with a card that stated she had hired a "hostess" to accommodate my every need.

Now, this isn't the first time I've been greeted in such a lovely manner.  I quickly noticed however that this hostess was not one for small talk, given the nature of her restrictive gagging.  Nonetheless, I felt she was grossly overdressed to adequately perform her "duties".

 That was quickly remedied.

To my delight, the hostess' keys were left in her restraints, so I was able to unleash her and lead her to a more...comfortable...position.  I couldn't really make out what she was saying behind the gag, but it sounded very much like "thank you".  Of course, it could have also been, "what the fuck are you doing you raping sadistic bastard?"  I've never really been that adept at understanding gagged chatter.

That chatter seemed to die down once I unlocked her arms and moved her up onto the table.  By this time all this little cock toy could do was moan.  I'm amazed at how much louder a moan comes through a gag than a scream.

But enough of me doing the work.  I soon laid back, made myself at home, and let the fucktoy bounce up and down on my shaft.  The perfect rhythmic up and down of her breasts as she rode me almost lulled me to sleep.

So I spun her around and amused myself by slapping those tits as she rocked up and down.  I wouldn't want the hired help thinking I was bored with her efforts after all.  You all know how much concern I put into other's feelings.

By now her moaning was sounding desperate, and given that I am sensitive to other's needs, I rolled the little slut over and pounded her hard and deep until her pussy gushed juice all over my cock.

Of course, I was far from done there.  I pulled her to the table's edge and pounded in and out of her tight cunt as I slapped her bouncy tits.  I assure you, she was definitely saying thank you by the time I shot my thick load deep inside of her.

So I left her for the next guest to find, exhausted, sweaty, and covered in some of my cum.  Feel free to message me in world and if I'm in a good mood, I might just point you to this little cocksleeve.

Have a BAD day!