Friday, May 20, 2011

Wishing Well

Its amazing what a dime down the well will get you these days.  Who says the economy is struggling?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So I Caught My Prey, Now What...?

I think about every few weeks or as I come across a really good sim, I'm going to showcase them here for other trackers and prey to look at and/or comment on.

I'm easy to please, there are a few things I look for when trying to find a fun sim to take my prey to for the purposes of tormenting.  Is it an adult sim, or at least mature with enclosed and private buildings?  Is rezzing allowed?  Is damage allowed?  Is lag an issue?

I recently was directed to a well designed and crafted sim. I believe it is a homestead, that has very little lag, a lot of hidden surprises and traps as well as toys, allows rezzing and is adult rated.  But don't take my word for it, go and judge for yourself.  Feedback encouraged.

Quantum Heights

Horsing Around

So someone has me interested in horses, not as a profit making device, but just for my own amusement, and they gave me this lovely female Clydesdale, who I named Harvest.

She's the brown horse on the right.

Now that she's ready to mate, I've paired her with a friend's stallion, this robot looking rainbow colored unicorn beast named Dreamboy.

Harvest has five traits, which apparently is good for a horse, but Dreamboy has NINE traits, which I'm told is almost unheard of in Second Life equine circles.  Here's hoping for a brute of an offspring.

Clowning Around

So a friend of mine has a new look for when he hunts, which he does anonymously since he uses the new dart gun.  You know this dude is cool, he even has his own Theme Music

I had the pleasure of getting to watch my friend work from a safe distance, and of course he consented to me filming his capture, more as a Public Service Announcement to other prey letting them know there is a new player in the game.  At first glance, he just appears to be your normal hoodie wearing bad guy.

But pan around and you can see this guy is different.  Rumor is he is currently building an avatar based on Pennywise, the clown attached to his theme song, but I'm not so sure this look isn't scarier.

Now I wasn't close enough to hear any of the conversation with his prey, but I have to imagine she was not feeling too comfortable as this clown stripped her of her clothing.

Of course, her body language could easily be read, and one the physical level she was certainly feeling the laughter.

Is there anything freakier looking than this?

As erotic as this should be, the mask keeps drawing your attention, doesn't it?

I'll call this short series, "Fucked Silly".

A clown after my own heart, he left his prey helpless and riding a dildo horse.

Now that's the look of a BAD DAY, no clowning around for this girl.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Reflections of..

As you hide among the shadows, you conceal what you are
As you break from the surface, you can't go very far

You're a shadow among the twilight, you seek but you can't find
A love that was once there, a love that is now blind

You once were true, but now you're lost
As a result, your love has cost

Your life is broken, cast aside
You've lost your shadow, now you can't hide

All this is what you are
No friends, no family, your life ajar

I thought I knew you, but now I see
You're just a false identity

You're broken now, you have no home
You lie in darkness, all alone

You now might say that you are free
But you've lost your love

Your life

and me