Monday, November 18, 2013

Coffee, Tea or Me?

At the risk of dating myself, I once read Trudy Baker and Rachel Jones' memoirs as a young child and have always been fascinated by stewardesses.  I know they're called flight attendants now, but I mean the old school version.

So, on a recent trip from RL to SL, I met a lovely "stewardess", yes SL still employs stewardesses, and invited her by my place as she was having an extended layover in SL.

After a few drinks and some idle chit chat, we end up on a thick rug in front of a fire, just relaxing and getting to know each other.

The drinks must have loosened her up, or perhaps it was the long flight, but in no time she was grinding on my lap and letting me know this was more than a "lay"over.

I began peeling off her uniform, letting that sweet cleavage tease me even as I found myself drawn to those lovely lips.  I knew I'd feel them on my cock soon enough.

It didn't take me long to get her skirt worked off, letting her sweet body thrash and writhe on me as I almost ripped my clothes off.  I laid back and watched her grind on top of me, moaning my name, trying to ascertain why stewardesses aroused me so easily, then I became lost in the beauty of her mouth, knowing I had to feel those soft lips on my flesh.

It didn't take much coaxing to get her mouth down to my manhood.  Seems she was just as turned on as I was.

Lord this girl knows how to work a dick with her mouth.

It didn't take me long to empty a thick load on her face and tits.

But, I didn't stop there.  Not wasting any time, I dropped her to her hands and knees and got into position behind her.

I pounded her well into the evening, not even taking time to clean her face.  She was gone come morning, something about a red eye.  Guess what airline I'll be flying into SL on a more regular basis?

Have a bad day bitches!  and make note of the four exits....