Monday, November 18, 2013

Coffee, Tea or Me?

At the risk of dating myself, I once read Trudy Baker and Rachel Jones' memoirs as a young child and have always been fascinated by stewardesses.  I know they're called flight attendants now, but I mean the old school version.

So, on a recent trip from RL to SL, I met a lovely "stewardess", yes SL still employs stewardesses, and invited her by my place as she was having an extended layover in SL.

After a few drinks and some idle chit chat, we end up on a thick rug in front of a fire, just relaxing and getting to know each other.

The drinks must have loosened her up, or perhaps it was the long flight, but in no time she was grinding on my lap and letting me know this was more than a "lay"over.

I began peeling off her uniform, letting that sweet cleavage tease me even as I found myself drawn to those lovely lips.  I knew I'd feel them on my cock soon enough.

It didn't take me long to get her skirt worked off, letting her sweet body thrash and writhe on me as I almost ripped my clothes off.  I laid back and watched her grind on top of me, moaning my name, trying to ascertain why stewardesses aroused me so easily, then I became lost in the beauty of her mouth, knowing I had to feel those soft lips on my flesh.

It didn't take much coaxing to get her mouth down to my manhood.  Seems she was just as turned on as I was.

Lord this girl knows how to work a dick with her mouth.

It didn't take me long to empty a thick load on her face and tits.

But, I didn't stop there.  Not wasting any time, I dropped her to her hands and knees and got into position behind her.

I pounded her well into the evening, not even taking time to clean her face.  She was gone come morning, something about a red eye.  Guess what airline I'll be flying into SL on a more regular basis?

Have a bad day bitches!  and make note of the four exits....

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Whore d’oeuvres

I logged into Second Life today and went for a little stroll, trying to find some new seedy areas in which to torment girls since that is sort of what I do... and I ran into this rather bored looking lady of the night.

Now those of you who know me know I don't pay for sex in Second Life.  Why anyone would is beyond me.  Anyway, I was just about to walk away from her "offer" of a good time when something caught my eye.

Well, what do you know.  Icontrol collar and implant, locked on, set to public.  It's like waving a red flag at a bull in a china shop.

I can only imagine her shock when I grabbed her leash.  Of course, she was still under the very misguided impression that I was someone named "John".

As I forced her to start with a dance for me, she began blabbering about how she needed to raise money for tuition.  Well, she wasn't going to get any money, but the least I could do was make sure she got an education.  Y'all know how important higher learning is to me.

I just love a hot coed in jean shorts.  Of course, I love them even more out of those jean shorts.

As I slowly removed her clothing, I actually felt a twinge of guilt over what I was about to do.  No, wait a minute.  That was hunger.  I forgot to eat breakfast this morning...

This girl wasn't going to go hungry though.  I made damn sure of that.

Look at how those lips caress the tip of my cock.  This bitch could have suck started a Harley at this point.

After getting me good and hard, I spun her around and had her work that tight pussy down my pole.  ((See what I did there?))

After letting her ride me for a good length of time, I pushed her onto the bed and finished by releasing my load into her from behind.  Then I left her locked like that, on the bed.

"What about my money, Mister?"  The check is in the mail, bitch.  Have a BAD day!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I just love being me.  It's evolved to the point I don't really need to hunt or track prey these days.  They beat a willing path to my door.

Today I'm just hanging out, relaxing at my place, and this alluring young lass messages me, inquiring about how she can go about getting a post of her own on my blog.

Well, y'all know me and granting pretty young girls their wishes.

Never one to waste time, I quickly leashed her and made sure she couldn't have second thoughts.  That's the last thing a sadistic rapist wants in his prey, regret.  No, wait...we DO want that.  I always get confused on that topic.

Of course, I am a gentleman at heart, so I began making the young lady comfortable.  It can get horrendously hot in my skybox.

Everyone knows I like a sexy ass.  Damn, do you see any asses better than this one?  As a side note, if you do see a better ass than this one, please send me a picture of it for...ummm...research purposes.

Needless to say, those panties didn't stay on much longer.  I do love a juicy ripe pussy...

We then relocated to my bed, and I proceeded to make sure my manhood was sufficiently lubricated for this girl's pussy.  Y'all know how sensitive I am to a woman's needs.

It wasn't too long after this lubrication process that I lost control.  You really can't blame me.  A hot and ready girl, a thoroughly sucked cock, bend that sexy ass over the bed, bitch.

Of course this is all preparation for throwing them onto the bed and plowing them from behind.  I love the look on their face when they realize I'm not one to discriminate on which hole I use.

Eventually I get tired from doing all the work and roll back, letting my guest's body weight take over as she rocks up and down, over and over, impaling herself.

Then a little thank you kiss to show my appreciation for giving me a hot tight pussy to cum in.  "But Mr. Trick Sir, I didn't orgasm yet..."

As if I care.  Have a BAD day, bitch.

P.S.  This girl is still searching for relief and a thick cock to get her off.  Look for MorwenDee in world and say hello.  Then summon her to you and use her like the worthless fuck toy she is.

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Perfect Hostess

I decided to drop in on a friend I had not seen in some time lately, but unfortunately was unable to catch her at home.  However, upon entering her home I was greeted with a card that stated she had hired a "hostess" to accommodate my every need.

Now, this isn't the first time I've been greeted in such a lovely manner.  I quickly noticed however that this hostess was not one for small talk, given the nature of her restrictive gagging.  Nonetheless, I felt she was grossly overdressed to adequately perform her "duties".

 That was quickly remedied.

To my delight, the hostess' keys were left in her restraints, so I was able to unleash her and lead her to a more...comfortable...position.  I couldn't really make out what she was saying behind the gag, but it sounded very much like "thank you".  Of course, it could have also been, "what the fuck are you doing you raping sadistic bastard?"  I've never really been that adept at understanding gagged chatter.

That chatter seemed to die down once I unlocked her arms and moved her up onto the table.  By this time all this little cock toy could do was moan.  I'm amazed at how much louder a moan comes through a gag than a scream.

But enough of me doing the work.  I soon laid back, made myself at home, and let the fucktoy bounce up and down on my shaft.  The perfect rhythmic up and down of her breasts as she rode me almost lulled me to sleep.

So I spun her around and amused myself by slapping those tits as she rocked up and down.  I wouldn't want the hired help thinking I was bored with her efforts after all.  You all know how much concern I put into other's feelings.

By now her moaning was sounding desperate, and given that I am sensitive to other's needs, I rolled the little slut over and pounded her hard and deep until her pussy gushed juice all over my cock.

Of course, I was far from done there.  I pulled her to the table's edge and pounded in and out of her tight cunt as I slapped her bouncy tits.  I assure you, she was definitely saying thank you by the time I shot my thick load deep inside of her.

So I left her for the next guest to find, exhausted, sweaty, and covered in some of my cum.  Feel free to message me in world and if I'm in a good mood, I might just point you to this little cocksleeve.

Have a BAD day!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Finally! ***1,000***

It seemed like catching that elusive 1,000th victim was really getting to be too much work.  I'd teleport in, the victim would be afk, or not rezzing appropriately, so I took another angle.

I put out an ad for a maid, rented a cabin, and waited.

Sure enough...

Now, you'd think girls would be hesitant to apply for employment by themselves on a foggy evening to a rundown looking cabin in the middle of the woods.  It seems maids in Second Life are desperate for work.  Thank goodness for a crappy economy.

I knew as soon as I let the young girl in, she was the one.

However, it didn't take long for her to notice the suspicious pulley system.

Thus leading to a brief struggle as I forced her arms back and cuffed her.

From there, she was helpless to stop the head harness from going on.  You people know how much I adore a girl with an O shaped mouth.

She kicked and squirmed a bit as I strung her up.  Those damn boots caught me in the shin once.  Damn MD boots.  If I ever catch that Miss Pinklady....  Well, that's another story.

Once I tied her ankles down though, she was completely helpless.  The threat of a long rod being pushed up into a girl's sex can take a lot of fight out of her.

From there it was just a matter of slowly unwrapping my 1,000th present.

She soon realized the long rod was no threat.

I let her squirm on that a bit as I showed her what else she had coming.

First, some retribution for the boot kick to my shin.  Damn feisty brats!

Her face told me she was starting to realize this was no job interview.

I spun her around to look in her face as I took her from the front.

Then I took her from the back, whispering in her ear everything I had planned for her.

As I finished and relaxed, reflecting on the past 999 victims, I came to the conclusion that this "maid" was worth keeping around.  If y'all are lucky, you may see her again.

Have a BAD DAY bitches, and may your 1,000 victims be as fun as mine have been!