Wednesday, December 30, 2015

In case I get too busy tomorrow...

Happy New Year, bitches!  May 2016 be as deviant as 2015.  To those of you going out, stay safe.  As for me, I plan to be at home, cozy in front of a roaring fire, perhaps still fucking this same cunt.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Santa May Be Late This Year...

 As you can tell, Mrs. Claus has me a bit distracted...

and the stockings were hung by the chimney with care....

Who am I kidding?  It's not the stockings that need....stuffed.

Just look at her.  Someone is in the mood for some reindeer games.

It's Christmas, the time of generosity.  Just send St. Trick a note if you want to share Mrs. Claus.

But be warned...she's not for those on the "nice" list.

And don't think Santa only cums once a year.

This naughty little cunt has me cumming all the time.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

From me and my girl, Valendia...  Have a safe and fun holiday.  Bitches.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Miss me?

I was on a long hiatus from a lot of things because of some RL occurrences.  But, those have righted themselves and I am working back to being the sadistic bastard you people know and love.  Pray you don't question that and end up in my basement.  Like this cunt.  See you bitches soon.  I've got some flogging to do.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Like a Good Neighbor...

So my new neighbor finally invited me over to meet, once she found out I was a Dominant.  Turns out she is as well, and even had a playroom rucked away nicely in a skybox over her home.  While we were talking and getting to know one another, she made a comment that she disliked the Opencollar and Real Restraints cuffs as she couldn't figure out how to make her prey helpless.  As it happens, this sweet innocent looking neighbor not only has a dungeon, but she's been trapping male subs and breaking them into her helpless toys.  Needless to say, this irked me a bit.  However, I am a good neighbor, so I offered to give her some pointers.  She quickly slipped out of her clothes and into some appropriate cuffs.  Then, to my surprise, she added me as an owner on her OC.  BIG mistake.  HUGE.

First, I cuffed her arms nice and tight.  No sense in her having any freedom with those hands, or fingernails, right?  From there I hobbled her ankles, then set to making sure she had no ability to touch her own attachments, or operate the menu via that one channel Marine has a fondness over.  She voiced her surprise at being unable to struggle, but then I added her to the blacklist on her own OC, then she started to scream.  No ability to struggle, and no ability to runaway.  Her eyes told me all I needed to know about how scared she was.

Of course, the protesting got on my nerves quickly, so after a little stroll through her RLV folders....gagged.  Sidebar if I may, your Honor?  Why do the Dommes of SL always have the most extensive rlv folders?

I then asked her, still keeping this as neighborly as I could, which device was her favorite for breaking unruly subs,  She wouldn't answer, but her eyes told me all I needed to know.  I loosened her cuffs just enough to tie her helplessly exposed over a handy wooden bench.

One thing i have noticed is that Dommes have the most sensitive skin.  SO naturally I set out to slapping and smacking as much of this "Miss'" skin that I could.  By now I was asking her the names of all she had used and abused.  My goal of course was to have every man she ever tormented come back to her playroom and use her to their heart's content.  To no big surprise, she couldn't name a one.  They had all been objects to her.  So I kept slapping.  Especially those plump tits.

After half an hour or so of that, I could tell this soon to be former Domme was open to just about anything, so I forced her to her knees and began fucking that slutty mouth.  I had to smile as she timidly reached up and began stroking me as she sucked.

By now my cock was good and slick from her drool, so I threw her up on the bench and easily sank myself into her hot sex.  I say easily,  because this slut had quite possibly the wettest pussy I have ever been in.

I spread those legs wide and plowed deeper, pounding her pussy so hard my balls were bruising her ass.  The moans and convulsions she was putting out were a sure sign she would soon orgasm.  I told her the only way she would ever be free is if she didn't orgasm.

I pushed her legs back, thrusting harder, pushing my dick deeper.  I give the Domme credit, she held on.  It was a struggle, I could tell from her moaning, her tossing of her hair, her shaking under me. But, in time, I knew I'd win.

Finally tired of that soaked and slick cunt, I flipped her over, locking her to the table as I set to work slapping her back and ass.  Then I pressed my manhood to her tight ass, and plunged in.

I popped her gag free to hear her scream, what I heard was "You win, Master!  You've discovered my weakness for anal sex!"  Then she screamed long and hard as she came.  The clenching of her ass as she went through her orgasm set me off as well.  So I shot my load in her ass, pulled out, and left.  I told her I might be back later with some friends who want to show her what they think of Dommes that break men, even submissive ones.  Hit me up if you want in on that party.  Then, as I left her locked to the bench, I gave her this farewell...

Have a BAD day, bitch.