Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I just love being me.  It's evolved to the point I don't really need to hunt or track prey these days.  They beat a willing path to my door.

Today I'm just hanging out, relaxing at my place, and this alluring young lass messages me, inquiring about how she can go about getting a post of her own on my blog.

Well, y'all know me and granting pretty young girls their wishes.

Never one to waste time, I quickly leashed her and made sure she couldn't have second thoughts.  That's the last thing a sadistic rapist wants in his prey, regret.  No, wait...we DO want that.  I always get confused on that topic.

Of course, I am a gentleman at heart, so I began making the young lady comfortable.  It can get horrendously hot in my skybox.

Everyone knows I like a sexy ass.  Damn, do you see any asses better than this one?  As a side note, if you do see a better ass than this one, please send me a picture of it for...ummm...research purposes.

Needless to say, those panties didn't stay on much longer.  I do love a juicy ripe pussy...

We then relocated to my bed, and I proceeded to make sure my manhood was sufficiently lubricated for this girl's pussy.  Y'all know how sensitive I am to a woman's needs.

It wasn't too long after this lubrication process that I lost control.  You really can't blame me.  A hot and ready girl, a thoroughly sucked cock, bend that sexy ass over the bed, bitch.

Of course this is all preparation for throwing them onto the bed and plowing them from behind.  I love the look on their face when they realize I'm not one to discriminate on which hole I use.

Eventually I get tired from doing all the work and roll back, letting my guest's body weight take over as she rocks up and down, over and over, impaling herself.

Then a little thank you kiss to show my appreciation for giving me a hot tight pussy to cum in.  "But Mr. Trick Sir, I didn't orgasm yet..."

As if I care.  Have a BAD day, bitch.

P.S.  This girl is still searching for relief and a thick cock to get her off.  Look for MorwenDee in world and say hello.  Then summon her to you and use her like the worthless fuck toy she is.

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