Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Finally! ***1,000***

It seemed like catching that elusive 1,000th victim was really getting to be too much work.  I'd teleport in, the victim would be afk, or not rezzing appropriately, so I took another angle.

I put out an ad for a maid, rented a cabin, and waited.

Sure enough...

Now, you'd think girls would be hesitant to apply for employment by themselves on a foggy evening to a rundown looking cabin in the middle of the woods.  It seems maids in Second Life are desperate for work.  Thank goodness for a crappy economy.

I knew as soon as I let the young girl in, she was the one.

However, it didn't take long for her to notice the suspicious pulley system.

Thus leading to a brief struggle as I forced her arms back and cuffed her.

From there, she was helpless to stop the head harness from going on.  You people know how much I adore a girl with an O shaped mouth.

She kicked and squirmed a bit as I strung her up.  Those damn boots caught me in the shin once.  Damn MD boots.  If I ever catch that Miss Pinklady....  Well, that's another story.

Once I tied her ankles down though, she was completely helpless.  The threat of a long rod being pushed up into a girl's sex can take a lot of fight out of her.

From there it was just a matter of slowly unwrapping my 1,000th present.

She soon realized the long rod was no threat.

I let her squirm on that a bit as I showed her what else she had coming.

First, some retribution for the boot kick to my shin.  Damn feisty brats!

Her face told me she was starting to realize this was no job interview.

I spun her around to look in her face as I took her from the front.

Then I took her from the back, whispering in her ear everything I had planned for her.

As I finished and relaxed, reflecting on the past 999 victims, I came to the conclusion that this "maid" was worth keeping around.  If y'all are lucky, you may see her again.

Have a BAD DAY bitches, and may your 1,000 victims be as fun as mine have been!


  1. You know we are needing to see more of your adventures right? Dont force the puppy to dare her girls to issue you that their avie is safe from your cock challenge you mentioned on here. Poor Trickster would be running all over the place. *chuckles amused* Some of them are already very curious about you, seems someone has mentioned you a time or two. *shrugs* More entries please when you can. So that puppy doesnt have to start begging. :-)

    Huggles and runs off to stir up more trouble