Monday, May 21, 2012


Walking back into the depths of Second Life from my time off at my doctor's beach house, as discussed in the prior post, and I come along a scenic stretch of the coast and stopped to admire a nice historic lighthouse when what should happen to wander into my line of sight but a girl in BDS apparel.  Its as if fate were directing my trip back.

Of course, being the curious sort, I amble over to chat the fine beauty up and next thing you know, its as if the belt jumped into my hand!

It didn't take long for instinct to kick in as I quickly had the girl handcuffed and gagged.  I am attempting to change my MO a bit here and there as I chose not to use the duct tape I normally use for gagging and instead pushed a rather thick penis gag into his girl's mouth.  Not to my surprise, she practically devoured the damn thing.

I then began the arduous task of relieving this pretty girl of her clothing.  I don't get why girls dress so heavily for a trip to the beach when they have a perfectly working bikini beneath their clothing.

Regardless, I wasted no time removing her bikini and was delighted to find the cutest nipple piercings.
Its my personal experience that girls with TWO pierced nipples will most likely want to fuck.

Being the gentleman I am, I looked for some extra privacy for me and my new lady friend.  As it happened, there was an elaborate cavern beneath this lighthouse, complete with cells.  I'm going to guess it was the old lair of any number of coastal pirates or smugglers.

I chose to worry about that later though as by now my date for the evening was moaning and whimpering and squealing on that gag, it was pretty obvious she was begging for some hot cock.

So I initiated a little foreplay, you know, to make sure she was good and moist.  Her pussy damn near ate my fingers as tightly as she was clenching and grabbing.  You best believe foreplay did not take long at all for this eager slut.

So I pushed her down to the ground and began rocking her ass to sleep.  The deeper I drove, the louder she squealed.  I fully expected her to chew that gag right off.  Then she orgasmed and almost bucked me right off of her body.

Of course, I am always the gentleman, so I made sure she was good and relaxed and left her in a secure safe spot to "nap".  Have a bad day bitch!

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