Thursday, August 9, 2012

Catching Up

Things in the real world have been hectic for the last couple of months and I've been missing my favorite whore in Second Life.  Well, we caught up recently and she reminded me that I've been promising/threatening to post pictures of her ass in action for some time, so..

I started her off with a nice slow ride, gently easing my cock into her after many many weeks of not seeing my favorite piece of ass.

I love watching her tight ass as she bounces and flails up and down on my hard shaft.

After some teasing I bent her over the bench and begun teasing her ass with my dick.  Soon I had her begging for me to sink it into her.

You can tell by her face she couldn't have held out any longer.

So I began ramming my hot cock deeper into her as my hands explored her backside.  Squeezing, gripping, slapping, sending her over the edge.

Then I jerked her hair back as I arched her back and pounded my heavy thick load of jizz into her hungry twat.

Catching up is so good to do.

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