Monday, August 20, 2012

When a Playmate Calls..

So I received a letter out of the blue last week.  As with most letters sent to me, this one started, "Dear Mr. Sinister".

Hello my name is Cathrine , a friend of mine suggested to me that  you  could help in boosting my modeling career.

My most recent modeling assignment was for Playmate Magazine where I appear on the July cover and was Playmate of the month for this same month. Being awarded this honor puts me in the running for Playmate of the year. Along with Modeling for Playmate Magazine my resume includes some free lance assignments for exhibitions and events including modeling the Sassy BD Skirt.

It would be an honor meeting with you to discuss any ideas you my have in furthering my modeling career.

Thank you.

Along with this letter, Cathrine included a photo from her portfolio that left me no choice, and I mean NO choice, but to reply in the kindest way I possibly could and offer to assist this young lady fully.  I am a gentleman after all, am I not?

Naturally, I invite the young lady over to a meet and greet.  I'm more a fan of BDS wearers showing the skirt, but this young gal had hidden the skirt to showcase these lovely hotpants.  I guess I couldn't complain once she twirled around and showed off that tight ass.

Of course, like most young girls, Cathrine was very naive.  She actually thought I was going to stand idle while she modeled her ensemble.  I think not.

She quickly found out this was not so much modeling as it was a demonstration.

Who here can honestly say they have had a Second Life Playmate sucking on their cock?  I'm being serious, I'm truly curious.  Are all Playmates as slutty as Miss July?  If so, that's eleven more girls I wanna meet.

Look at how well defined her lips are as she drags them up and down my shaft.  Sure, its probably plastic surgery, but when lips are locked onto your meat, can you really criticize?

Playmates are not just meant for sucking, no no no.  They also take cock in their other holes pretty nicely.  This was quickly turning from a Dear Penthouse day to a Dear Hustler day.

I swear, at this point I was hearing "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" in my head.  I still cannot get that song out of my head.  You probably can't either now.  Good!

But back to my sensitive side, I could tell that hanging on the board and having her pussy pounded was taking a toll on Miss July, so I moved her to something more comforting.  Then began to get back to pounding her pussy.  I'm such a humanitarian.

As Miss July rode me and her tight fuck hole worked its magic on my dick, I began to think about how hot it would be to keep a Playmate for myself.

So I did.  Sorry trackers, one less prey for you to grab.

Have a BAD DAY bitches!

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  1. I will be hunting for this naughty white slut! jajaja!!!!