Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Position on P's

I've had a few people comment on my position on this topic, so I thought it best to clear the air and explain why I feel the way I do.

See the picture.  Good looking girl.  Obviously dressed in Sassy clothing and ready to get into trouble.  Now, if you know this girl, please no comments on her identity.  I'm not pointing anyone out or implying that by showing this girl's picture that she is the one sparking this post.  I just like taking pictures of pretty girls and this one happened to also have her belt set to P, or "permission required".

I was in close proximity to a similarly dressed girl recently, who also had her skirt set to P and she flirted, and got close, and even bumped into me a time or two, clearly in an attempt to incite me into grabbing her. The trouble is that I could see on the tracker that her skirt was set to P.

When I left the area, she railed on me in my IM that I was half a man for not having the balls to try and grab her skirt.

So, here's my thoughts.

To me, P is like a fetish.  I don't track girls into water sports.  I don't track girls into animals, unless of course the animal is named Trick.  I don't track girls who only like sex on Mondays (freaky bitches).  Likewise, I don't track P's.  I just don't like it.  The girl in question could have just as easily been trying to entice me into piss games, or bestiality.  She would have gotten the same reaction, the cold shoulder and a curt, yet polite, no thanks.

Trackers, for the most part, don't judge prey for their kinks and non-kinks.  Thankfully "most" of the prey don't judge us trackers for our's.

Just felt like a Thursday rant.  Also one of my kinks.  Fuck I'm turned on now.

Have a BAD DAY you fuckers!

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