Monday, November 21, 2011

Shake My Head Moment

So I was a member of a group, Women Who Voice with Men, or something other, at the request of a lady friend in Second Life that I sometimes talk to while in-world.

I was recently ejected from the group.  So I sent a message to the owner of the group, Eroticana Brucato, to ask why.  She replied that the group was dead and she was closing the group.  I just off the cuff commented, with a sly grin, "too bad, we never got to talk."

This was then met with a string of cursing telling me to leave her IM and to fuck off and all men ever wanted in the group was to talk to women.  She then ended this tirade with "mute".  For those readers that know my feelings on "mute", yes, I looked.  She is Gorean.

So I'm just sharing my shake my head moment with my readers.  Cursed at and muted, for implying that I would want to talk to a girl in Second Life.  Who was owner of not one, but several, "voice-themed" groups.

I think I'll label this post under Gorean dumbass.  Or is that an oxymoron?

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