Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Treat

I was recently exploring a newly opened sim and decided to do a little "fishing" and managed to catch the limit within a fairly short time.  After having some fun with my haul and sharing a few of them with local regulars, I called it a day and headed home.  My partner was already home and had informed me that she had a surprise for me.

Imagine my delight at discovering that she had purchased a Bad Day Skirt.  Such a lovely girl I have for a partner.

I was so excited I pulled her up from her reading and begin stripping her newly purchased clothing from her shocked body.

You have to love when our prey, no matter who it is, start that pre-fuck squirm and squeal.

Stripped down, nipples at attention, partly from the cool air, and partly from my sharp slaps.  I almost hate to keep going from this point.  Notice I said "almost".

Of course I can have my partner drop and slobber all over my cock any time I want, but there's something about grabbing that skirt and forcing her to do it.

I can tell she appreciated the forcefulness as well.

Then a quick pounding to her cunt and some hot jizz pumped inside of her, and from here without saying a word I force ported her off to some unknown and dark place.

To my fellow trackers, she is all your's.  Enjoy the little fucktoy.

As for you my loving partner, have a Bad Day bitch!

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