Thursday, August 4, 2011

Friendly Warning

There's not much in Second Life that gets under my skin, I'm a pretty tolerant guy.

I admit, when people steal my prey I can get a little indignant.  I mean, its one thing if a tracker does it. That's expected, more or less, but for the most part a loose code of professional conduct stops most of us trackers from stealing and pushes us toward sharing.

Now if a general citizen helps a prey and cock blocks a scene, that can be frustrating, but the worst transgression has to be when a man in BDS jeans tries to take a tracker's prey.  That shit is just infuckingexcusable.

So imagine my seething anger recently when, while enjoying a good rape scene with a fine "somewhat willing" piece of ass behind Sassy's store, this sissy bitch of a man tries to steal my catch.  Not help her mind you, but steal her for his own use.

After some frustration, I was able to keep him busy while I finished dumping my hot jizz into the girl.  Then, I turned my attention to this dude.

Let my response to him be a warning to any other men in jeans that try to trick the Trick.

I figured if he wanted to taste the girl I was using so badly, I could accomodate him by letting him clean her taste off of my cock.

I will say that despite his women only profile he didn't resist as much as I thought he would, so I cock slapped his face a few times and let another load loose on his face.  The next time you want a taste of tracker cock boy, just feel free to jump in on any of us seasoned trackers.  Perhaps we can make this the customary response to cock blocking sissies that prey-jump?

Enjoy your "taste" of a BAD DAY bitch.

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  1. -shakes her head- I can't help but grin everytime Trick goes on the prowl.