Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dear Trick

So I got a letter yesterday that caught my eye.  I do from time to time get inquiries from other trackers about certain aspects of my day as well as any tips regarding the tracking of innocent women.

As with most letters, this one started out, "Dear Trick".  I assume it started this way since my name is Trick and obviously the writer wanted to be civil.  Dear Trick, I was at a camp with several other friends when this very beautiful and older woman caught my eye.  Sounds like some shit out of Penthouse, don't it?  I swear, I can't make this stuff up, this is how the letter came in.  As the lovely cougar was walking to the beach area, I detected that she was masking a bad day belt under her terry cloth robe which was hanging wide open, revealing a very cute micro bikini.  Remembering all of the tracker tips you have posted in the past and from having attended your summer lecture series, I immediately opened a can of gas and tossed it into her vicinity.  Yes, I really do offer a summer lecture series on BDS and tracking women.  Much to my shock, the gas also incapacitated another sexy and unchaperoned lady lounging nearby.  Okay, most of the trackers following my blog don't use nice words like "incapacitated", but my editor really didn't like "another bitch got knocked the fuck out!"  Editors.  What can you do?  So my question is, what does a tracker do when he has TWO prey available?  Sincerely, Konfused in Kansas.

In order to get a grasp on this young man's problem, I naturally had to imitate his situation.  So recently I came across two young women standing well within ten meters of each other in front of a very popular market area.  I truly believe they both imagined they were safe because of their closeness to one another.  This myth was quickly shot down.

Dear Konfused.  You fuck them.  Sincerely, Trick.

Editor's note - Have a BAD DAY bitch.

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