Saturday, August 20, 2011

Killing Thyme

It was a rather dark day yesterday.  One of those days where the clouds are heavy and black and you know it could rain any moment, but for some reason never does.  In other words, the perfect day to go for a cruise.

Its a sure sign you're in a bad part of town when there is graffiti at the police station.

Despite feeling at ease in this part of town, I was not happy when my ride starting acting up and I had to pull into a local mechanic's shop.

I was even less happy to find the garage closed for the evening.

As I explored and thought heavily about the long walk home, I came across yet another broken down motorcycle.  I began to worry about this part of town.  Had I driven into some sort of fucked up motorcycle triangle?  As the shadows grew longer, it became apparent that I needed to find a place to hole up for the night.

The day started to seem less dark when I saw her.  A very bored hooker working this part of town.  Now most of you might say, what's a nice girl like her doing in a part of town like this?  Not me.  I just naturally assume they're there for the taking.

So I take.

The secret is to properly secure them before they scream.  I had to use two strips of tape.  Hookers can eat through one layer.  Trick's tracker tip #82.

Lucky for me the nearby hotel seemed to have plenty of vacancies.  Even luckier it seemed to have zero clerks.  Maybe the same clerk that worked the gas station worked the hotel?  Whatever the reason, I decided to take advantage.

I do hope 11 is not this bitch's lucky number.  Then again, what do I care?

I do love when a whore dresses with pretty and soft undergarments.  I spent a good thirty minutes this night just running my hands over her satiny chamoise.  I'm not sure what scared her more, my hands, or the raging storm that had settled in outside.  It could be a long night.

It had to be the storm, if you look closely enough, you can see the positive effect my hands were having on her.  I do go crazy over soft white panties on even softer dark skin.

As lightening flashed, we settled onto the small spring-infested bed.  I got relaxed and comfortable while she got a mouth full of cock.

Its been a while since I had a piece of ass this flexible.  At least two days.

Day was beginning to break and I was still using this bitch.  How long had we been fucking anyway?

Not to be one to deprive a lady of a meal, I made sure she had her breakfast.  She must have not been hungry as she chose to wear a good part of it.

Naturally this just got me aroused yet again so I threw her slutty ass down to the floor and took her there.  Besides, that shitty bed was cramping my style.

She barely had time to squeak as I cuffed and blinded her there on the floor.  Looks like only one of us is checking out this morning.

Things are looking up now.  The sun is shining.  The bird are singing.  That bitch is moaning.  Don't worry bitch, I'll call room service once I'm on the road and have them bring you lunch.

Now what to do about my ride since the garage is still closed?

As it turns out, this motorcycle was simply out of gas.  A short push back down to the gas station, and this crap town was quickly in my rear view mirror.  Have a BAD DAY bitches.

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