Friday, August 12, 2011


I started stalking the cutest of girls recently, and finally got an opportunity to get real close to her last night.  Oh yeah, I'm talking about Supergirl.  Sure, I know the inherent dangers in tracking the Girl of Steel, but I was willing to accept those risks.  I'd even heard that when clicked, her skirt would inject a dose of kryptonite into her bloodstream, weakening her long enough for anyone to have their way with her.

I was doing some recon, surveying the scene to ensure I could make the snatch and grab with minimal risk to myself.  You people know how cautious I am.

Just as I was about to make my move, "it" happened.

Gas grenade!  What the blueberry fuckmuffin is this shit?  I quickly check my supply to make sure none had gone off on their own.

It didn't take me long to figure out that the gas did not come from me.  Nonethless I was about to step forward and claim her figuring I had been the recipient of a lucky break, and then "he" appeared.

Is anyone else starting to get tired of this guy?  I know I am.  Captain Cockblocker.  In either event I found I couldn't pull my eyes away, so I kept working the camera.

The Captain quickly took Supergirl behind the Waffle house.  Yeah, Captain of romance he is.  My eye rolling quickly ceased however when I saw the Captain making quick work of Supergirl's skirt.  I'm happy to say that later I secured this skirt and added it to my private collection of "memorabilia".  Hey!  Don't judge me.  Who else has an indestructible cumrag?

I panicked a bit after her top came flying off and the Captain led her inside the Waffle House.  What the hell was he going to do?  Feed her breakfast?

I quickly set up my remote controlled camera and sent it inside to see what the Captain was up to with this lovely prey.  Apparently he had dispatched the wait staff, as well as any customers.  To be fair, is it ever difficult to get rid of the customers inside a Waffle House?

My remote camera arrived just in time to catch the Captain as he finished stripping Supergirl's clothes from her very sexy body.

From there, it was elementary.

A thorough inspection of Supergirl's oral talents followed by a brisk hard fucking.  You have to love the Captain's consistency.

Once he was finished, Supergirl was left to fend for herself right there on the counter of Waffle House.  My how the mighty have fallen.  I'm guessing that is not maple syrup on the counter.

Now that's a super BAD DAY.  Superbitch.

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  1. Once Super Girl's X-ray eyes saw what Captain America had to offer under his costume, the Girl of Steel melted!