Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just for Laughs

So I noticed this morning while hunting that I am now banned from some place called Dark Alley.  I'm always curious when I piss someone off enough to get banned and since I'm a man, I sent a message to the sim owner making an inquiry.

This evening I received a rather heated reply, apparently questioning my audacity at even asking, advising that his sim is built on consent and since I track the skirt wearers and take them without their permission, he banned me. He also was jealous of my blog.  Well, that may have been the key, since 24 of his 30 line reply seemed to address this blog.

Not being a wallflower, I pointed out that the blog was pretty much free.  All one has to do is set up an email account and wowza, they too have a voice.

I then pointed out that since the wearer of the BDS products knowingly purchased said items with full knowledge of what they could do and then chose to wear them, wasn't this consent?  This of course got me a stern lesson in United States contractual law and the ethics of permissibility, all of which was incorrect, but I let it slide.

Then I was informed that I was muted.  Can we all agree that someone messaging you with "MUTED" is pretty much old school Gorean speak for "I've lost my balls and am unable to compete with your wit in simple dialogue and therefore am using this tactic so I no longer feel stupid"?  Oh, that's right.  This is my forum, so we can agree to that.

I will say that in closing, I was told to have a BAD day.  This really made my day.  Even in mute, he acknowledges that deep down he is following my blog.  At least well enough to know my sign off.  So, to you Korwyn, and the other dozen or so sim owners that you profess are banning trackers, I say have a BAD day as well.  After all, its TRAFFIC that drives a sim's success.  Schmuck.

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  1. I'm glad you told him off... Any girl that wears a bad day skirt to a rape sims has consented in my book... You would imagine that all the complications involved in running second life, starting up a third party viewer, turning on RLV, getting the lindens to purchase a skirt, fixing up the girl's avi... etc etc.. would weed out the really stupid women... but apparently not the bimbo you grabbed.. :-P