Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wow, what a blowhard

As expected, my last post got a reply from the Gorean keeper of whatever the name of that piddly sim was that I discussed in yesterday's post.

First, let me thank you Korwyn.  This blog, which seemed to generate mild amusement from those playing with BDS at best, had a high count of 54 views in one day.  That was my record.  54.  And it was from my third or fourth post.  Yesterday, I had 342.  LOL!  No doubt half of which were probably you checking to see if I had replied to the two LONG comments you left me.  And I do mean LONG.  Christ, I fell asleep reading the second one.  You should patent that cure for insomnia.

But you are correct, I am not going to approve them for print.  Not because I fear your typo laden rant, but you say some pretty unsavory things about those close to me, as well as a follower of this forum.  I just don't see any reason to subject my friends to your venom.  Those that know you well see it enough I'm sure.

As for your continued insistence that I used and hurt Pandora, let me assure you, I have never hunted Pandora.  I wouldn't hunt Pandora.  In fact, I wouldn't know what her avatar looks like.  Why she is spreading lies that I used her in a bad way is anyone's guess and quite frankly, I don't give a shit.

But lets assume your version is correct.  Lets assume I did hunt her, and caught her, and used her.  Then lets pretend you're also right that I left her bound and dropped her off for another tracker to use.  Sounds like she had a BAD fucking day.  Whoever this man was that did do this to her, I applaud him.  He found a consumer of the bad day skirt, a consumer who KNOWINGLY bought the skirt and chose to wear it, and he gave her exactly what she hoped to get when she bought it.

But don't feel bad, you're hardly the first boy a woman has curled up next to and whispered "poor little me" in his ear.  You're hardly the last.

Now, if you do wish for me to post a comment in which you supply articulate and intelligent fodder to this discussion, ask your parents to invest in a spell check engine of some sort, and refrain from the curse laden tirade against those that not only are my friends, but really have no place in any beef you have with me.  Well, assuming you're capable of acting like a man.

Personally, it'd be no skin off my nose if I never heard your name again.  You're holding up the show, so to speak.  Schmuck.

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