Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Greenhouse

I've been out of the game for a bit for real life reasons, but trying to get back into it.  I had a few pictures of a nice little greenhouse I located, the kind that is set up to allow rezzing and has no return, so I've been working on a storyline to use there.

In the meantime, Im also toying with storing certain samples of my work, albeit subject to some fine tuning, on Deviant Art.

A good friend of mine recently pointed out how to quickly make lighting changes to the pictures I take.  I've found one that really seems to make the avatars skin pop out while giving the background a more surreal quality than the standard second life settings.

Here is a sample from the greenhouse using Annyka's Soft Lavender Day setting.

I'm sure you'll agree this looks more like a BAD day than the default lighting.  You can almost feel the chill in the air, even as it fondles her nipples with its sharpness.

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