Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Home Invasion

Okay, as some of you have seen by now, I'm not so much for the home invasion scenes, but I am working on adding this to my M.O.  I just need to figure out what kind of storyline really goes with it, or at least, which one works for me.  I have a couple of prey I have followed a bit more closely than others who live in fairly nice homes and their homes are set up so that I can rez there.

This first home as you can see is a tracker's dream.  With all the pose balls set out, any tracker should be able to find a situation in which to torment their victim.  But then, should one expect any less when they invade the home of the CEO of Luna Animations?

Of course, I was a bit surprised that I was able to sneak in on this girl, and I moved to quickly strip her and give her what her body needed.  I have to say though, her clothes came off so quickly I couldn't tell if I was stripping her, or if she was!

Either way, I threw her onto her own bed, how degrading it must be to be taken in one's own bed, and was really tearing into her, and reeling in surprise at the variety the bed's menu had to offer.

Suddenly, I had this weird sensation that we were being watched.  So I panned about the room and HOLY SHIT, its a child in the curtains, why don't they, wait, that was Three Men and a Baby.  Nonetheless, you can see why I was slightly startled.

Seems this tracker had gone ahead and taken the nerve to walk right into the bedroom where I was using my prey.  I'm not surprised given that valet parking was seriously backed up at the time.  I tell you, there were a lot of trackers waiting to use this one.

Nonetheless, Trick is a charitable man, so I quickly moved our scene to the downstairs bedroom and invited our interloper to join us.

Ah, double raping the CEO of a well to do Second Life enterprise.  What could be better?  ((You know there's an answer for this))

And here it is.  Giving her a facial of course.  That's always better.

Of course, our little joyride didn't end there.  Oh no.  I'm not done that easily.  As our special guest watched on in amazement as well, I quickly bound our little CEO up nice and tight.  She scoffed that I didn't have the brass to force tp her like this to her store's main display floor.

She was right, I didn't.

Instead I sent her to the main display floor of her competitor.  Bon voyage!  I think that's French for "have a BAD day, bitch!"

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