Monday, October 18, 2010

The Witness

So I'm checking out this place I've yet to travel to in all of my various hunts.  From all accounts, it seems to be the home of the T&T belt.  I admit I've not much experience with this device and always avoided it because the menus struck me as somewhat bulky.  After today, I may have to change my review of this item.

My tracker brought me in search of this girl, Wry.

If you look carefully in the background, you'll notice an innocent looking girl just completing her purchase of the previously mentioned T&T belt.

But for now, focus on Wry, she is after all, the intended target.  Wry was in the process of purchasing her own belt from all appearances, or at the very least, window shopping.  In either event, as most of you know by now, my schedule isn't built to allow prey to shop.

I quickly secured Wry with handcuffs and dragged her outside away from any innocent bystanders, i.e., "witnesses".  A couple of interesting things to note at this point.  One, a T&T shop guardian stepped in to make sure everything was okay but quickly excused herself once we acknowledged in our of character format that we were merely playing roles.  I applaud her diligence in both the checking up as well as the excusing herself.  Two, Wry wasn't using the Sassy supplied handcuffs but instead was wearing elegance handcuffs which I believe are a Real Restraint item.  Just a tip to any prospective wearers of Sassy products not to be afraid to mix up the toys.  You have to love Wry's pose in the above photograph.  The Real Restraint handcuffs have a struggle animation that always makes me think the wearer is taking a crap.

But, back to the story line.  I had intended to use Wry right there on the lawn outside the T&T store when the innocent looking girl from the earlier background made it apparent that she was going to play the part of witness to our scene.

Well, my followers know Trick isn't having any of that.  So I flagged down a nice speedy taxi to carry us to another location.  Imagine my shock when the "witness" turned up there.  I was starting to wonder just how many people were tracking Wry, when I noticed that the "witness" had not only purchased a T&T belt, but in her excitement to follow us she had decided to wear it and leave the key on and in the operable position.

Being the man I am, I snatched that right up.  In no time at all I have our "witness" stripped and ready for action.  You'll notice that prior to this I had attached Wry's handcuffs to a dancing pole and was just getting ready to enjoy her dancing talents.  I say that as that is how I role played it.  Sadly, Real Restraint handcuffs no longer seem to have the sit command feature.  I swear earlier models did, but for some reason I could not find them in the pair Wry was wearing.

At this point it seemed to me that our "witness" was feeling more needy than my prey.  This was confirmed when to my shock she jumped me and quickly pinned me to the floor.  You can see in the next photograph the extent to which I struggled with this girl.

Throughout it all, Wry just kept dancing, but by the way she was moaning, I think my struggles with the witness were turning her on.  Eventually I was able to overpower the witness and quickly went to work putting her in her place.

My earlier suspicions were then confirmed as Wry began ripping off her clothes and begging both of us to use her for our pleasure.

What else could I do?  I like to think of myself as Sassy's unofficial customer service liaison, so I quickly made sure that Wry's needs were taken care of as well.  Of course, being as giving as i am, I made sure our witness got her's too.

Both girls ended up howling and screaming for more.  Its a pity that today was not their lucky day as the real world saw fit to intercede and I had to cut it short.  I'm hoping for more extended scenes with either of these ladies or both in the future.

One last item before I left was to make sure that our witness was placated, so that she didn't contact the authorities regarding my shopping habits.  To that end, I left her with a gift, Wry.

Here's hoping our witness had a BAD time with her as well.

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  1. I just got one of those belts. Looking forward in meeting you Sir. Giggles I like role play and adventure.