Friday, October 1, 2010


I thought today I'd attempt a good deed for the day.  So I popped into one of my favorite bdsm playgrounds, I'll leave it to you to guess where as I don't like to give too much away about my preferred haunts.  Right off the bat I notice a girl clearly in violation of the local parking ordinance.

Now, I know its questionable as to whether or not she was really "parked" there, but after giving her a reasonable amount of time, to allow for lag, I determined she was in fact, "parked".  Five seconds seems more than enough time to teleport into a sim, rez, and move.

So, I proceeded to make a citizen's arrest.  After reading the violent offender her rights and such, I proceeded to locate one of the local law enforcement type people.  After a reasonable search time, roughly twenty seconds, I decided one was not available and I would need to restrain this girl on my own.  So, I took her to an alternative correctional facility.  My home.

I will say, these criminals never cease to amaze me.  While going through her processing back at my place, I determined that I had not only caught a parking zone offender, but the notorious Neko Lingerie Bandit.

Well, what could I do?  I had little choice but to confiscate the stolen underwear and return them to their rightful owner.  I'll admit I hesitated in removing the hardened criminal's panties, particularly as she was giving me an evil glare.

Nonetheless, I stood firm and did what had to be done.  At this point, her willpower seem to weaken and she began begging and pleading for me to let her go.  I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in her lack of restraint in the begging and pleading arena, especially once she began offering sexual services in return.  I mean, what kind of man would I be to fall for that type of bribery?

Okay, I didn't think that line would fool anyone.  That was a trick question.

I admit I lowered my resolve and let the girl give me some oral relief.  For all I know, this was a form of criminal rehabilitation for her.  The way she sucked led me to believe she clearly did not get to do this enough.  This was perhaps the mistake that almost did me in.

After a few moments of getting my cock sucked, i.e., half hour or so, I managed to dredge up enough morality to move my prisoner to another facility in search of the proper law enforcement officials.

Unfortunately, my search led me to a rather deserted part of town and my prisoner was able to turn the tables on me and threw me to the ground, impaling herself on my manhood.  You can see for yourself how helpless I was under her needy and sex crazed onslaught.

Of course, I am only a man and my more carnal adapted personality took over.  I broke down under this girl's devious criminal mastermind and proceeded to give her that which she desired.  I only hope the sheer joy reflected in her face is an indication that it was enough.

Lucky for me, during the throes of ecstasy, I was able to re-assert my strength and overpower this devious temptress.

After giving her a little bit of what for and reminding her of her place, I happened to spot a discarded roll of duct tape.  I then quickly subdued her and left a piece of tape in such a way as to warn others of this girl's true nature.

Still discouraged by the lack of local law enforcement assistance, I decided it best to leave this girl altogether before she managed to lure me back to the lustful side of temptation.  I only hope the police apprehend her quickly.  I did leave her a bit helpless so they have a fighting chance.

Here's hoping your Day was as Bad as mine!

P.S.  Nichole, you're next.

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  1. Dayum!!! needs to change her panties now.. oh thats right she doesnt wear any.. Oh well. jumps in the shower instead.. giggles