Friday, October 15, 2010

The Pursuit of Morrowbie Jukes

Kipling wrote a short story called "The Strange Ride of Morrowbie Jukes".  The main hero of the story, Jukes, falls into a sand pit from which he cannot escape.  Another man, a native Indian, is also trapped in this sandpit.  This Indian catches wild crows and eats them to survive.  Jukes proclaims that there is no way he will ever eat crow.  After days of starvation, his hunger lead him to do the very thing he said he would not.  Eat crow.

Second Life has one clear rule when it comes to politics within the walls of its bdsm community.  When a male and female avatar argue, the avatar with the penis is considered guilty until proven innocent.  Be wary of this rule.  Also don't fall into the trap of believing everything you see in a group chat session, particularly when other avatars jump in and offer their experiences with the people being attacked.

Pandora Lastchance - I haven't the slightest fucking clue who you are.  We've never met to the best of my knowledge and you most certainly have never been left by me on a sex poseball in my home.  I use the mama allpa HUD for my sex posing.  You have to de-rez these poses to use them later, so I certainly wouldn't leave you on one and then go to fuck someone else.  Additionally, I normally bring capped girls to my home.  Why would I leave another girl there to begin yet another scene with someone involving the same location?  Last but not least, if you don't own or use the Sassy products as you claimed, then why the hell are you a member of the group, not to mention sticking your fat beak into any group chat involving the product?

Kitty Mystiere - Like Pandora, I haven't the slightest clue who you are.  I do carry a Dominatech remote on my HUD as one of my girls wears the icontrol cuffs.  To be honest, I rarely use it.  I prefer to click on her cuffs directly.  Its my understanding from a mutual friend of your Mistress that you were grabbed by my remote while I was standing roughly 100 meters away.  I assure you, I did nothing to cause it to reach over that incredible distance and grab you.  I prefer my captures a little more up close and personal.  I'm still puzzled what your Dominatech implant has to do with Sassy's products.  Maybe I assumed your Mistress was referring to me grabbing your skirt since that is the only tool I have recently used.

Let me be clear on one thing, I would never "want" someone not to wear Sassy's products.  I've even supplied a few girls with the funds to buy their own and personally I think a Sassy skirt should be a mandatory purchase on Welcome Island.  At least, I felt this way until yesterday.

Having said that, Rivan, as well as Kitty's Mistress, the above plate of crow is still fresh.  Dig in.

There were apparently three other girls owned by Kitty's Mistress who claimed I grabbed them, I'm not sure by what means as my patience in this matter is wearing thin.  Let me just say that I don't recognize any of your names.  Before anyone speaks up and claims this is understandable given all of the hunting I do, let me explain how I work.  

I treat every capture as a potential "story".  As such, I treat it like a story.  That means I take several photographs of every girl I capture, including before shots, or as I call them, reconnaissance/surveillance photos.  Several people have supplied me with the names of every girl accusing me of abusing the BDS system and I don't have a single photograph of any of the names given to me.  Not one.  Not in my Second Life inventory.  Not on my hard drive.

After the group assault against my character had stopped and I was still reeling from the shock of being attacked in this fashion, I received a message from Kitty Tandino.  This second "Kitty" suggested I buy higher class toys to play with.  Her words, verbatim, when I suggested she butt out were, "have fun with your cheap stuff lol".  To you, I simply say I have no damn clue who you are, or why you even contacted me.

Last but not least, it is my understanding that Kitty's Mistress initiated a group notice and sim banning of myself as a result of this incident.  To add to this grid wide censure, Rivan even suggested in group chat that everyone simply ban me from their skirt.  As this all but makes the BDS tracker and any play in this arena pointless, worthless and hopeless, I will no longer be using the BDS Tracker for hunting.  Instead I'll take a few days off and reflect on where my energy is best spent.

If you have any honor Rivan, you'll extend me a refund for the Tracker I do own.  

As for Kitty's Mistress, if you have any honor, you'll extend the apology you sent to me in the same manner you did the requests for banning of my name.  Its my understanding that several sim owners in your groups extended that notice to their own groups.  Perhaps you'd also be so kind as to ensure they pass along your apology and withdrawal of the accusations made against me.  I'll keep the recommendations of how you deal with your "Kitty or Kitty's" to myself.

Have a NICE day!

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  1. Disregard my comment in this post extended toward Rivan. After a long discussion with Sassy regarding this incident, I am completely satisfied all is well and little to no damage was done regarding my character or people allowing me to use their skirts and/or jeans as a result of the incident referenced in this post.