Monday, October 18, 2010

Working on my Next Post

So I'm out and about working on my next post as a couple of story lines I had in the hopper have fallen through on me.

I was tracking this one pretty victim, whose name will remain hidden for now as she still shows promise, but sadly another tracker got to her before I could.  C'est la vie.  What did strike me as amusing was that this victim has apparently found a way to make money off of Sassy's products.  See for yourself.

See, to most people this is simply known as "Fuck a Bitch on a Mattress", but my intended target has cleverly managed to bill this as a "Whirly-Putter Ride".  Don't knock it.  You add a fancy name, increase price, add some taxes, throw in some municipality levies, market some concessions and you have yourself a franchise winner.  The tee shirt she sold this tracker after he finished his "Whirly-Putter Ride" was to die for.

And to think in my day we just called it sex on the beach.

And yes, due to sincere apologies by the people involved and some sweet talk from Sassy, I am still hunting.  Expect a BAD day near you soon.

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