Friday, September 24, 2010

Cry me a River

Logged into the grid this evening, and as I always do I immediately focused on my BDS tracker HUD.  For some reason, the name River jumped out at me.  River Christenson.  Sort of like Sister Christian sung by River Phoenix.  I hope you closet Night Ranger fans can find it in your hearts to forgive me for that one right there.

I teleport in to River's location.  Not there.  Seems she had left the area.  I patiently wait on my HUD to catch up with Linden lag and I see she's in another sim.  I teleport there.  Gone.  Both places happen to be decent volume bdsm clubs.  My kinda gal.  Third time is supposedly a charm.  Teleport.  Yahtzee.  River is standing a perfect 106 meters away.  I say perfect as the average prey doesn't seem to notice people outside of 50 to 75 meters.  Get inside a bdsm club and that can drop all the way to ten meters.

I maneuver my camera to our feature presentation for the night, just in time, as she is being accosted by something, I'm still trying to decipher what.  Now, you know ole' Trick aint one to judge but I'll let you folks decide.  I say it looks like Godzilla's grandson, the mean one.

Well, regardless of its origin, Trick aint one to let a demon accost a lady, so I popped in right in front of Godzukie and grabbed River's skirt, quickly forcing her to teleport to my flat.  I do hope she remembers to add me to her Christmas card list.  I hate to see charity go unrewarded.

Once back at my flat, I escorted River into the main area and *clears throat* assisted her in getting comfortable.  No comments on the decor of my flat as I do offend easily.  Well, not me exactly, but the girls I "hired" to decorate it do.  Once Miss River was comfy, well, you can see for yourself.

Somewhere throughout this mirth and merriment, River must have gotten excited because at some point she ripped my clothes off.  Had she not been enjoying herself I would have lectured her about my indignation at her doing so.  I actually felt taken advantage of!

It was all I could do to keep River quiet, since my house girl neglected to pick up any duct tape during her recent trip to the store.  I'll have to deal with that later and I'm sure one of my neighbors will file a noise complaint with the landlord.  On that topic, I wonder if my landlord would appreciate a bad day skirt for Christmas.  Just a point to ponder.

Anyway, by now River is moaning, grunting, begging, and making sounds I still can't decipher.  I think Trick fucked her so hard the bitch started talking Chinese.  I was able to make out that she wanted me to end this rendezvous on her face.  You all know by now that Trick can't refuse a lady's request.  Well, not all of them anyway.

To my joy, River was wearing my favorite restraints, although sadly not in open hardcore mode.  I'll let your imagination dwell on how this would have ended if she had.

Now, during the cuddle time after our session, well, if you can really cuddle with a chick that has a cum soaked face, River let it slip that she had never been to The Cumhouse.  Again, my generous nature took over.  So, I bound her in a way that anyone could claim her and off she went.  I swear she was still horny as her last word just as she teleported out of my sight was "fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk".

I surely hope your Day was as Bad as mine.

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