Thursday, September 23, 2010

Disclaimer and Introduction

First and foremost, I'd like to extend acknowledgement to Yasmin Heartsdale for giving this idea of a creative outlet to me, albeit unintentionally.  Thanks Yassie, you are the best in Second Life at what you do.  I mean that, nobody's better.  Calm down, I aint saying that G word.

The posts contained herein stem from an activity within the virtual world of Second Life generically referred to as Bad Day Skirt Tracking, or BDS Tracking.  The format is simple.  The activity is split into two groups, prey and hunter, or tracker.

The prey goes to a Sassy's store or vendor and purchases a Sassy skirt or Sassy jeans.  There is a litany of plug-ins and additional features, but we'll discuss those as this blog unfolds.  What's important at this point is that the reader note that the "prey" actually "goes" into a store or "walks up" to a vendor and "purchases" these items for themselves.  At no time are they forced or coerced.  In fact, the designer of these various products, Sassy, even has customers electronically acknowledge that they make these purchases of their own free will.  Also known in adult theme oriented activities as "consent".

Now, the hunter then purchases a tracker HUD.  For the misinformed, HUD is heads up display.  This HUD allows the tracker to track wearers of the product throughout the world of Second Life, hereinafter referred to as the "grid".

When the tracker finds a person of interest, he or she can do a number of things with the prey, aka target.  In most cases, the tracker teleports to the prey and clicks on their skirt and/or jeans.  This is where the fun adult type "consensual non-consensual" activity begins.  For the confused, the activity is roleplayed to be non-consensual, but again, the prey MADE the purchase on their own, so any activity that is a derivative of that purchase is deemed to be with the wearer's (prey) consent.

Its now a proper time for me to introduce myself, I am your host throughout this blog, Trick E.  I'll use E as my last name here to protect the guilty, mostly me.  Well, "allegedly" guilty.  I am a BDS tracker, and I love my job.

I will attempt at various times to provide the reader some insight and perspective into this activity by regularly posting updates of my captures, as well as some visual enjoyment.  It remains unclear at this point if I will allow this medium to branch out to other areas of my Second Life activities, but as always the telephone lines are open for suggestions and operators are standing.  Bye!

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