Friday, September 24, 2010

SarahG Iuga

Well, the first official BDS posting gets off to a bang as we have a hot one.  I turned on the ole' reliable tracker HUD and found many a fair prey this fine night.  Even saw one guy whose BDS profile read that he liked his pussy played with?  What's that all about?  Dude must own a cat.  You see some weird fetishes out there.

Anyway, I selected a girl I had ran into in the past, mainly because she generally made for an interesting capture. Tonight was no exception.

Sarah was at some dive/castle/bdsm/free fuck anywhere sim, of all things, strip dancing.  I teleported in at a safe distance about 60 meters away, waited for everything to fully rez, that's Second Life jibber jabber for come to resolution, and did a bit of reconnaissance.

Sarah was dancing in a fairly isolated section of the castle with a small audience, a rather dull looking gentleman who couldn't take his eyes off of Sarah, and for good reason.  Fortunately for me, this gentleman wasn't keen to the workings of the Bad Day Skirt and didn't recognize it for its full potential.

I instantly used a camera angle teleport and popped in right beside Sarah and took control of her skirt.  Now, the one thing I appreciate the most about the Bad Day Skirt system is that once I have control, all I need to do is dial in a sim address on channel four and my prey is whisked away safe and secure to await my arrival.  Out of pity I did kick Sarah's tip jar toward the gentleman sitting just off stage with a puzzled look on his face.

In this particular case I had done some earlier scouting and saved the location to Sarah's own home.  Imagine being kidnapped from a public place and taken to your own home to be used.  Talk about crossing someone's safety barrier.

I arrive a few moments behind Sarah and before she can focus on what has just occurred, I secure her in a rather nasty looking restraint system she maintains in her own home.  Closet Domina perhaps?

I then proceeded to begin slowly stripping away her clothing.  Once I had our little stripper fully undressed, it didn't take long to convince her to behave or risk spending a long time in that restraint system.

So I released Sarah and she immediately fell to her hands and knees and offered herself to me.  Well, what kind of man would I be if I did not oblige a lady?

Now, halfway through our little love fest, Sarah remembers that she left a rather prosperous tip jar back at the castle.  When I casually commented that a whore with as much ass as her could make that back in no time, the sex got much more interesting.  Just a note for any of you in the hunt for this one.  Of course, a few slaps from Big Daddy Trick's hand to Sarah's plump bottom and she calmed down.  She moaned a lot, but she was more calm.

So, after about thirty minutes or so of abuse I blew my wad in Sarah's pussy.  There's nothing I enjoy more than making one of my prey clean up their own mess.

Luckily for Sarah ole' Trick had a little bit extra left in the tank so she got another shot or two down the gullet.

Now, I had maybe hinted that Sarah would gain her freedom if she was a good girl, which she was.  But, my name is "Trick".  I'm sure the next tracker to find her might be so generous as to let her go, but not I.

So back to my flat to dial up another plaything for the evening.  To my surprise, a girl I had captured much earlier and had crashed on me, had returned.  Welcome back Mel Aeon.  Know your role.

That's it for today.  Here's hoping you have as Bad a Day as I did!

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  1. *thinks- there is no such thing as safe around that tracker Yikes* Yea i can definately see where grabbed and then used in your own house would make one feel quite unsafe and paranoid. *giggles*