Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Home Invasion

Okay, as some of you have seen by now, I'm not so much for the home invasion scenes, but I am working on adding this to my M.O.  I just need to figure out what kind of storyline really goes with it, or at least, which one works for me.  I have a couple of prey I have followed a bit more closely than others who live in fairly nice homes and their homes are set up so that I can rez there.

This first home as you can see is a tracker's dream.  With all the pose balls set out, any tracker should be able to find a situation in which to torment their victim.  But then, should one expect any less when they invade the home of the CEO of Luna Animations?

Of course, I was a bit surprised that I was able to sneak in on this girl, and I moved to quickly strip her and give her what her body needed.  I have to say though, her clothes came off so quickly I couldn't tell if I was stripping her, or if she was!

Either way, I threw her onto her own bed, how degrading it must be to be taken in one's own bed, and was really tearing into her, and reeling in surprise at the variety the bed's menu had to offer.

Suddenly, I had this weird sensation that we were being watched.  So I panned about the room and HOLY SHIT, its a child in the curtains, why don't they, wait, that was Three Men and a Baby.  Nonetheless, you can see why I was slightly startled.

Seems this tracker had gone ahead and taken the nerve to walk right into the bedroom where I was using my prey.  I'm not surprised given that valet parking was seriously backed up at the time.  I tell you, there were a lot of trackers waiting to use this one.

Nonetheless, Trick is a charitable man, so I quickly moved our scene to the downstairs bedroom and invited our interloper to join us.

Ah, double raping the CEO of a well to do Second Life enterprise.  What could be better?  ((You know there's an answer for this))

And here it is.  Giving her a facial of course.  That's always better.

Of course, our little joyride didn't end there.  Oh no.  I'm not done that easily.  As our special guest watched on in amazement as well, I quickly bound our little CEO up nice and tight.  She scoffed that I didn't have the brass to force tp her like this to her store's main display floor.

She was right, I didn't.

Instead I sent her to the main display floor of her competitor.  Bon voyage!  I think that's French for "have a BAD day, bitch!"

Your Request is Being Processed

To those of you that have messaged me and hinted at getting a scene or maybe being included on this forum, patience.  As you can see, its not easy juggling one girl, much less all of you.  But I"ll get you sooner or later!

((Cue the carnival music))

Monday, October 25, 2010

At Last!

How long do you have to track prey before you give up and turn your search to someone new?  Well, for me, that knows no end.  I've found that those you chase the longest are always the ones worth catching and I am a very patient man.

I'd been chasing this girl for several weeks, but always saw her as I was logging off, or logging on as she was leaving, or she was already captured, whatever the case may be.  More often than not, she was already captured.  She is a lovely specimen, as you can see from the pictures of her.

On this particular day, I spotted her in Slave for Bondage, ALONE.

I'm always impressed by the way girls modify or enhance their look with the BDS skirts.  Of course, for all I know, Sassy sells them this way, but this was the first time I had seen a skirt and top looking this edible.

I wasted little time running this prey down, given my history of chasing her and her propensity for flight.

Once I had her properly restrained and gagged, I spent a little time "getting to know her".  Not every avatar in Second Life wears their panties to showcase a nice firm camel toe, so I wanted to make sure this girl felt properly teased.

As I was teasing her and keeping an eye out for any bystanders, luckily this sim is not only scenic, but dead quiet most times of the day, it occurred to me that dawn was about to break.  So I wasted no time finding a more "romantic" corner of the sim.  You know me, always sensitive to a woman's needs.  Chicks dig that shit.

As luck would have it, I found the perfect spot to watch the sunrise.  Sadly, my prey seemed to have little interest in watching the sun come up.  Oh well, you know what they say, "you can lead a horse to water".  Maybe she wanted to work on the tan on her backside.  Women.  Go figure.

But fear not, you know I'm the sort of man to give people the opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life as much as I do.  So I made sure she got to see the sun come up, and enjoy it in the same light as myself.

Now, this girl must REALLY be into sunrises, as the look on her face seemed to suggest it made her very happy.  I think this is called an O face.  Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  Oh, I love sunrises!

Again, I'm one to share happiness with those I come into contact with.  If sunrises excite this girl so much, I figure why not let her relax and enjoy the sun all day?

If any of you trackers read this and hurry, maybe you can grab her before sunset.  Here's hoping your BAD DAY is bright and sunny!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Witness

So I'm checking out this place I've yet to travel to in all of my various hunts.  From all accounts, it seems to be the home of the T&T belt.  I admit I've not much experience with this device and always avoided it because the menus struck me as somewhat bulky.  After today, I may have to change my review of this item.

My tracker brought me in search of this girl, Wry.

If you look carefully in the background, you'll notice an innocent looking girl just completing her purchase of the previously mentioned T&T belt.

But for now, focus on Wry, she is after all, the intended target.  Wry was in the process of purchasing her own belt from all appearances, or at the very least, window shopping.  In either event, as most of you know by now, my schedule isn't built to allow prey to shop.

I quickly secured Wry with handcuffs and dragged her outside away from any innocent bystanders, i.e., "witnesses".  A couple of interesting things to note at this point.  One, a T&T shop guardian stepped in to make sure everything was okay but quickly excused herself once we acknowledged in our of character format that we were merely playing roles.  I applaud her diligence in both the checking up as well as the excusing herself.  Two, Wry wasn't using the Sassy supplied handcuffs but instead was wearing elegance handcuffs which I believe are a Real Restraint item.  Just a tip to any prospective wearers of Sassy products not to be afraid to mix up the toys.  You have to love Wry's pose in the above photograph.  The Real Restraint handcuffs have a struggle animation that always makes me think the wearer is taking a crap.

But, back to the story line.  I had intended to use Wry right there on the lawn outside the T&T store when the innocent looking girl from the earlier background made it apparent that she was going to play the part of witness to our scene.

Well, my followers know Trick isn't having any of that.  So I flagged down a nice speedy taxi to carry us to another location.  Imagine my shock when the "witness" turned up there.  I was starting to wonder just how many people were tracking Wry, when I noticed that the "witness" had not only purchased a T&T belt, but in her excitement to follow us she had decided to wear it and leave the key on and in the operable position.

Being the man I am, I snatched that right up.  In no time at all I have our "witness" stripped and ready for action.  You'll notice that prior to this I had attached Wry's handcuffs to a dancing pole and was just getting ready to enjoy her dancing talents.  I say that as that is how I role played it.  Sadly, Real Restraint handcuffs no longer seem to have the sit command feature.  I swear earlier models did, but for some reason I could not find them in the pair Wry was wearing.

At this point it seemed to me that our "witness" was feeling more needy than my prey.  This was confirmed when to my shock she jumped me and quickly pinned me to the floor.  You can see in the next photograph the extent to which I struggled with this girl.

Throughout it all, Wry just kept dancing, but by the way she was moaning, I think my struggles with the witness were turning her on.  Eventually I was able to overpower the witness and quickly went to work putting her in her place.

My earlier suspicions were then confirmed as Wry began ripping off her clothes and begging both of us to use her for our pleasure.

What else could I do?  I like to think of myself as Sassy's unofficial customer service liaison, so I quickly made sure that Wry's needs were taken care of as well.  Of course, being as giving as i am, I made sure our witness got her's too.

Both girls ended up howling and screaming for more.  Its a pity that today was not their lucky day as the real world saw fit to intercede and I had to cut it short.  I'm hoping for more extended scenes with either of these ladies or both in the future.

One last item before I left was to make sure that our witness was placated, so that she didn't contact the authorities regarding my shopping habits.  To that end, I left her with a gift, Wry.

Here's hoping our witness had a BAD time with her as well.


Of posts to come.

Working on my Next Post

So I'm out and about working on my next post as a couple of story lines I had in the hopper have fallen through on me.

I was tracking this one pretty victim, whose name will remain hidden for now as she still shows promise, but sadly another tracker got to her before I could.  C'est la vie.  What did strike me as amusing was that this victim has apparently found a way to make money off of Sassy's products.  See for yourself.

See, to most people this is simply known as "Fuck a Bitch on a Mattress", but my intended target has cleverly managed to bill this as a "Whirly-Putter Ride".  Don't knock it.  You add a fancy name, increase price, add some taxes, throw in some municipality levies, market some concessions and you have yourself a franchise winner.  The tee shirt she sold this tracker after he finished his "Whirly-Putter Ride" was to die for.

And to think in my day we just called it sex on the beach.

And yes, due to sincere apologies by the people involved and some sweet talk from Sassy, I am still hunting.  Expect a BAD day near you soon.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Pursuit of Morrowbie Jukes

Kipling wrote a short story called "The Strange Ride of Morrowbie Jukes".  The main hero of the story, Jukes, falls into a sand pit from which he cannot escape.  Another man, a native Indian, is also trapped in this sandpit.  This Indian catches wild crows and eats them to survive.  Jukes proclaims that there is no way he will ever eat crow.  After days of starvation, his hunger lead him to do the very thing he said he would not.  Eat crow.

Second Life has one clear rule when it comes to politics within the walls of its bdsm community.  When a male and female avatar argue, the avatar with the penis is considered guilty until proven innocent.  Be wary of this rule.  Also don't fall into the trap of believing everything you see in a group chat session, particularly when other avatars jump in and offer their experiences with the people being attacked.

Pandora Lastchance - I haven't the slightest fucking clue who you are.  We've never met to the best of my knowledge and you most certainly have never been left by me on a sex poseball in my home.  I use the mama allpa HUD for my sex posing.  You have to de-rez these poses to use them later, so I certainly wouldn't leave you on one and then go to fuck someone else.  Additionally, I normally bring capped girls to my home.  Why would I leave another girl there to begin yet another scene with someone involving the same location?  Last but not least, if you don't own or use the Sassy products as you claimed, then why the hell are you a member of the group, not to mention sticking your fat beak into any group chat involving the product?

Kitty Mystiere - Like Pandora, I haven't the slightest clue who you are.  I do carry a Dominatech remote on my HUD as one of my girls wears the icontrol cuffs.  To be honest, I rarely use it.  I prefer to click on her cuffs directly.  Its my understanding from a mutual friend of your Mistress that you were grabbed by my remote while I was standing roughly 100 meters away.  I assure you, I did nothing to cause it to reach over that incredible distance and grab you.  I prefer my captures a little more up close and personal.  I'm still puzzled what your Dominatech implant has to do with Sassy's products.  Maybe I assumed your Mistress was referring to me grabbing your skirt since that is the only tool I have recently used.

Let me be clear on one thing, I would never "want" someone not to wear Sassy's products.  I've even supplied a few girls with the funds to buy their own and personally I think a Sassy skirt should be a mandatory purchase on Welcome Island.  At least, I felt this way until yesterday.

Having said that, Rivan, as well as Kitty's Mistress, the above plate of crow is still fresh.  Dig in.

There were apparently three other girls owned by Kitty's Mistress who claimed I grabbed them, I'm not sure by what means as my patience in this matter is wearing thin.  Let me just say that I don't recognize any of your names.  Before anyone speaks up and claims this is understandable given all of the hunting I do, let me explain how I work.  

I treat every capture as a potential "story".  As such, I treat it like a story.  That means I take several photographs of every girl I capture, including before shots, or as I call them, reconnaissance/surveillance photos.  Several people have supplied me with the names of every girl accusing me of abusing the BDS system and I don't have a single photograph of any of the names given to me.  Not one.  Not in my Second Life inventory.  Not on my hard drive.

After the group assault against my character had stopped and I was still reeling from the shock of being attacked in this fashion, I received a message from Kitty Tandino.  This second "Kitty" suggested I buy higher class toys to play with.  Her words, verbatim, when I suggested she butt out were, "have fun with your cheap stuff lol".  To you, I simply say I have no damn clue who you are, or why you even contacted me.

Last but not least, it is my understanding that Kitty's Mistress initiated a group notice and sim banning of myself as a result of this incident.  To add to this grid wide censure, Rivan even suggested in group chat that everyone simply ban me from their skirt.  As this all but makes the BDS tracker and any play in this arena pointless, worthless and hopeless, I will no longer be using the BDS Tracker for hunting.  Instead I'll take a few days off and reflect on where my energy is best spent.

If you have any honor Rivan, you'll extend me a refund for the Tracker I do own.  

As for Kitty's Mistress, if you have any honor, you'll extend the apology you sent to me in the same manner you did the requests for banning of my name.  Its my understanding that several sim owners in your groups extended that notice to their own groups.  Perhaps you'd also be so kind as to ensure they pass along your apology and withdrawal of the accusations made against me.  I'll keep the recommendations of how you deal with your "Kitty or Kitty's" to myself.

Have a NICE day!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Still Here

First Life has been a pain lately, so my time in game has been a little limited.  But don't worry, I'm still hunting and as soon as time allows, I'll piece together another little tale.

In the meantime, enjoy a blast from Trick's past.

Have a BAD day!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Triple Play

No storyline to accompany the photo I acquired tonight.  Lets just say that when there is a shortage of trackers one can happen across some lucky circumstances whilst stalking the lovely women that engage in BDS activities.  Some nights, opportunities abound for more than one capture.

I'll let you take in the photo and just use your imagination as to how this scene came to past.  Its truly good to be this BAD.

Friday, October 1, 2010


I thought today I'd attempt a good deed for the day.  So I popped into one of my favorite bdsm playgrounds, I'll leave it to you to guess where as I don't like to give too much away about my preferred haunts.  Right off the bat I notice a girl clearly in violation of the local parking ordinance.

Now, I know its questionable as to whether or not she was really "parked" there, but after giving her a reasonable amount of time, to allow for lag, I determined she was in fact, "parked".  Five seconds seems more than enough time to teleport into a sim, rez, and move.

So, I proceeded to make a citizen's arrest.  After reading the violent offender her rights and such, I proceeded to locate one of the local law enforcement type people.  After a reasonable search time, roughly twenty seconds, I decided one was not available and I would need to restrain this girl on my own.  So, I took her to an alternative correctional facility.  My home.

I will say, these criminals never cease to amaze me.  While going through her processing back at my place, I determined that I had not only caught a parking zone offender, but the notorious Neko Lingerie Bandit.

Well, what could I do?  I had little choice but to confiscate the stolen underwear and return them to their rightful owner.  I'll admit I hesitated in removing the hardened criminal's panties, particularly as she was giving me an evil glare.

Nonetheless, I stood firm and did what had to be done.  At this point, her willpower seem to weaken and she began begging and pleading for me to let her go.  I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in her lack of restraint in the begging and pleading arena, especially once she began offering sexual services in return.  I mean, what kind of man would I be to fall for that type of bribery?

Okay, I didn't think that line would fool anyone.  That was a trick question.

I admit I lowered my resolve and let the girl give me some oral relief.  For all I know, this was a form of criminal rehabilitation for her.  The way she sucked led me to believe she clearly did not get to do this enough.  This was perhaps the mistake that almost did me in.

After a few moments of getting my cock sucked, i.e., half hour or so, I managed to dredge up enough morality to move my prisoner to another facility in search of the proper law enforcement officials.

Unfortunately, my search led me to a rather deserted part of town and my prisoner was able to turn the tables on me and threw me to the ground, impaling herself on my manhood.  You can see for yourself how helpless I was under her needy and sex crazed onslaught.

Of course, I am only a man and my more carnal adapted personality took over.  I broke down under this girl's devious criminal mastermind and proceeded to give her that which she desired.  I only hope the sheer joy reflected in her face is an indication that it was enough.

Lucky for me, during the throes of ecstasy, I was able to re-assert my strength and overpower this devious temptress.

After giving her a little bit of what for and reminding her of her place, I happened to spot a discarded roll of duct tape.  I then quickly subdued her and left a piece of tape in such a way as to warn others of this girl's true nature.

Still discouraged by the lack of local law enforcement assistance, I decided it best to leave this girl altogether before she managed to lure me back to the lustful side of temptation.  I only hope the police apprehend her quickly.  I did leave her a bit helpless so they have a fighting chance.

Here's hoping your Day was as Bad as mine!

P.S.  Nichole, you're next.