Saturday, March 26, 2011

Award Winning

Those of you that really know me, know I'm a humble guy.  No, seriously, I am.  Its true.  Okay, okay, stop laughing, seriously.

Its true, I do track skirt wearers mostly for my own pleasure, but part of me tries to always ensure they have a great time.  After all, they paid more for their skirt or belt or any add-ons they may be using plus the time they have spent putting it all together with their own look, shape, complementing clothing, what have you, than I did my tracker and any other "equipment" I may use.  So, part of me, my "cough" humble "cough" side feels the need to ensure they get their money's worth.

Granted, some skirt wearers role play better than others and are more engaging, but this is true with any endeavor.  To those that may say they didn't have all that good a time during any episode in which I grabbed their skirt or belt I say, "Well, you get what you give."

Having said all of this, its easy to see that when it comes to BDS tracking, the only true measuring stick we the trackers get is feedback from our prey.  They very people we stalk, torment, tease, spy on, intimidate, kidnap, abuse, torture, rape, use, and/or dump.

Now, I'm not one to seek out the accolades, but like anyone else, I'm appreciative of them when they come my way.  I recently teleported into one of my sky boxes and noticed someone had tacked an object onto one of my various devices that I use for..well, "ice-breaking".

It seems someone thinks I'm the #1 Tracker.  So if any of you skirt wearers have a favorite tracker, you may want to let them know their efforts are appreciated.  As the person who left this award will soon find out, the squeaky wheel does indeed get greased.

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  1. Yes you are.. one number one prize --*
    *smiles softly*