Thursday, April 14, 2011

Don't Cry

As a sign of my age, I can't see the word, much less name, Cry, and not immediately think of this song.

Cry Little Sister

So I'm out hunting today, admittedly the first time I've really hunted in a while due to some things popping through my head, and I come across this exquisite girl.

Now, being the gentleman I am, I popped in and set to work introducing myself.  I of course made sure the man of the house was not at home.  Remember readers, that's Trick Home Invasion Tip Numero Uno; Always avoid raping the lady of the house when the man of the house is home.  Of course, its double bonus points to you if you successfully pull it off when he is home.

I'm always amazed at the different reactions I get when I first grab a prey's skirt or belt.  This one screamed.  Loudly.  It did her no good of course, but assured me that her throat was in strong shape.

Does nobody wear underwear anymore?  Fucking sluts.  Sheesh.

Right about now is when I explained to her why it was not a good idea to let your Tracker know your throat is in good strong condition.  Her reply, as expected, was mumph ump ooph tumfffff!  I didn't have my translator on regrettably, but it sounded Romanian.

As my readers know though, any sucking on Trick's dick is just a warm up.  She squealed like a stuck pig.  I still can't decide if that sound is better gagged, or ungagged.  Maybe some feedback in the comments section on this topic from my readers?

From there I decided I preferred this screamer bent over, so she could better use her diaphragm to get more vocalization.  See?  I'm "always" thinking of others.

As I pressed my cock in all the way, I heard that phrase that most trackers love so much, [09:11]  Mama-Allpa (F) V2.11: The bitch you are fucking has opened herself for you.

Her reaction was as expected of course.

So I did what only a Tracker should do in that situation, and I shot my load deep inside her with the obligatory money shot over the back.

After she cleaned my cock off and I had properly smeared her face and tits with evidence of my visit, so the man of the house would know what his innocent sweet angel had been up to in his absence, I left her in a secure location.

I hope everyone's Day is going as Bad as this girl's.

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  1. "I still can't decide if that sound is better gagged, or ungagged."

    well in this case it's my advice to have it both ways. So you don't have to miss one.
    Doubles the pleasure and you don't need to worry about having to choose ;))