Saturday, March 12, 2011

Drama Llama

So I'm hunting today, and I track this prey to a site called "Cariad".  I drop in, check my radar, see she has already left the area and my tracker needs to update her new location, and teleport back home.  I'm in "Cariad" maybe 45 seconds, perhaps a minute, when its all said and done.

So I'm back home, updating my scanner, and I get an instant message.  Without violating Linden Labs Terms of Service, I've changed the names in the exchange that ensued, so you good people can see what we trackers put up with in a given day.  I've also included my own editorial comments, mostly for my own amusement.  For those of you that will ask, the Drama Llama I dealt with looked shockingly close in her appearance to the Drama Llama above.

[14:46]  Drama Llama: you know you shouldbt mess with this wildcat... one wrong move here and i ship bite your head off and feed it to the wolves
[14:46]  Me: im sorry?

For clarification here, I wasn't necessarily asking sorry out of confusion, but rather I was trying to figure out what the hell she was talking about.  I know my typing isn't the greatest, but damn, is it too much to expect some degree of literacy?  "i ship bite your head off"  What the hell does this mean?  "Feed it to the wolves"?  What?  My head, or some damn ship?

[14:46]  Drama Llama: you dont want my wrath unleashed on you
[14:47]  Me laughs.

Unleash it bitch, I triple dog dare you.

[14:47]  Drama Llama: well lets just say.. ive seen your fuck ups in other sims...
[14:47]  Me: my fuck ups?

I did some asking around about this Llama after the fact and as it turns out, she's put up her Drama Tent on a lot of people's lawns.  Luckily, she's so stuck on herself she doesn't leave her own place that often, so I seriously doubt you've seen anything I've done or anywhere I've been, fuck ups notwithstanding.

[14:47]  Drama Llama: and keep your laughters to yourself.. i am NOT impressed by your crappy attitude or bullcrap... park it elsewhere, bastard

At this point, I've been out of her sim for a good three to five minutes.  Its worthy to note that while ostriches stick their heads in the sand, Drama Llamas stick their head up their asses.  Okay, she's serious, let's have some fun.

[14:48]  Me: hold on.
[14:48]  Me: i want to get a pen.
[14:48]  Me: okay, go.
[14:48]  Me: im ready.
[14:48]  Drama Llama: shrugz
[14:49]  Drama Llama: i am ready too
[14:49]  Drama Llama: lol
[14:49]  Me: 1.  use z instead of s for coolness.
[14:49]  Me: what's next?
[14:49]  Drama Llama: youre muted
[14:49]  Drama Llama: how s that?
[14:49]  Me: 2.  speak gorean.

My loyal readers will recall my earlier opinion and subsequent dissertation on Gorean speak and the all mighty "you is muted" defense.

[14:49]  Me: got it.
[14:49]  Me: any others?
[14:49]  Drama Llama: speak to the hand... MUTED as of now
[14:49]  Me: 3.  lie about muting and use tired old worn out cliches.

and I'm going to call this one a win on my part for the throwing in of the towel by our Drama Llama.

Prior to posting this I spent several hours asking around about our Drama Llama to see if any other trackers or any of my friends had experience with her.  Seems she is very well known for causing a lot of grief and being a nuisance to several people.  Just a reminder people, a zit is a nuisance.  Squeeze it hard enough, it goes away.  Ignore it, it dries up and dies.

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