Saturday, January 29, 2011

Are You Being Served?

No, I don't mean the old British sitcom.  These are the words I heard from the sweetest looking store clerk as I stepped into Sassy's store this morning.  Am I being served?  Well, not yet, but I soon will be.

Yes, maybe you can help me.  I hope you work on commission, because I am looking for a lot of add-ons and I hear this is the place to get them.  "Why, yes Sir, I can help you.  Please walk this way."  I'm not sure I can walk that way but let me swing my hips and follow you.

"This Gorean tripod is all the rage if you ever track in the Gorean emp..oooooh, you seem to have accidentally activated my belt Sir."  Relax, I'm just making sure I understand how this add-on works.  "wink wink nudge nudge" to my readers.

Isn't this the hottest ass you've seen displayed on Sassy's showroom floor?  Too bad my hand prints didn't come through with the photography.

A girl in jeans shorts and a halter top just doesn't go with a Gorean tripod.  "Of course Sir, it looks far more realistic with me nude.  Ohhhh, what are you doing with your fingers THERE?"

Just getting you warmed up for this.  "Oh Sir, this is certainly an in-depth demonstration!"  Quiet, if you want to make a sale.

Lets take a look around and see what other add-on items Sassy has for sale.

Now, I've always been a fan of the work scene add-on.  Nothing gets my respect quicker than the blue collar working man.  Speaking of collar, open that throat up for me.  "mmmmmmmphhhhhh!"  What do you mean will I need financing?

Lets see if this item lets the user get as in-depth with his guest as the tripod.  Love the sign.  How appropriate is that?  At this point conversation with the store clerk was meaningless, but let me attempt to summarize, "groan groan gasp moan whimper whimper sneeze? gasp"

"So Sir, do you see anything you like?"  Yeah, you might say that.  What kind of delivery system do you have?  "Oh, we're strictly cash and carry.  Why did you just drop some money on the floor?  Where are you taking me????"  Cash and carry bitch.

"Oh jesus!  Where are we?"  Your new home bitch.

"OMG!  Sasssssy!!!  Help meeeee....!!!!  but not TOO quickly."

Take it deep bitch.  So deep it forces you open.  "Oh no Sir!  I'm too fertile!"

Good.  I hope Sassy has a maternity plan in place for her employees.

Now, time to clean me up so we can both get back to work.  "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmpppph!"

Now that's a BAD DAY.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Trails

So I decided to take a break and get away from the rigors of tracking.  I found a delightful region of snow covered mountains and hiking trails and getting back to nature I went.

Suddenly, I walk through a clearing and find the cutest little cabin.  I was just standing there taking in the scenery and the backdrop when the door to the cabin opened and this lovely lady stepped onto its porch.  I did a double take of course.  Is that a..can it be..a BDS skirt?  Its as if the BDS gods are talking to me.

This sweet lovely lass then invited up onto her porch to chat, although sadly she didn't know a word of English.  Thank God for well scripted and non-spammy translators.  The only issue at this point was do I continue on my journey and pass up this opportunity to grab another skirt?

Well, I think we all know the answer to that question.

In my defense I did want to inspect the cabin's interior.  I'm such a patsy for good quality construction.  Not that my new friend really gave me much opportunity to appreciate the craftsmanship.

The bedroom was as equally well constructed.

Again, not that I was able to appreciate it much as my new playmate had other designs.  Do remember that the camera adds ten pounds.  Or is it inches?

I wouldn't be much of a gentleman if I didn't return the favor of genital arousal.

Just for the record, I can report that "MMMMMMMMMMMM!" in French means pretty much the same thing as "MMMMMMMMMMMM!" in English.

I will say, nothing helps the mind unwind like a good healthy stroll in the woods.

You can see all kinds of wonderful sights.

Enjoy many heart racing activities.

But most importantly, you can get rid of any built up pressure.

I believe the French say it as; "Avoir une chienne mauvaise journee!"

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Here Cums The Bride

WARNING - SENTIMENT AHEAD - and of course some nudity.

Three years.  That's how long I existed in Second Life without finding that one special thing.  That thing that so many others seem to find easily.  Love.  Oh sure, I thought I'd found it many times, but it always seemed to slip from my grasp at the last moment.  Then came Jennifer.  Never before have I chatted to someone, interacted with someone, existed with someone, in which we both connected on so many levels.  Its hard to believe that my fateful decision to buy a BDS tracker led me to such bliss.

Its amazing to me how well Jen and I read each other.  I can start a sentence and with very little effort, she can not only complete it, but make it hotter.  Those that talk to me in the game know that Jen and I have been engaged since early December.  We had originally planned on a February wedding and partnering.  Yesterday we decided neither of us could wait any longer.

Jen spent most of the day putting together an "impromptu" wedding setting.  I quote impromptu because quite frankly I was blown away by the work she did.  She'll tell you she had help from some very special friends, and she did, but still, my wife is pretty damn amazing.  I have to wonder what she could have thrown up if she had a week.  The Taj Mahal?  Fortunately for me, I just had to find a tux and show up.

Here's the groom, herded toward the front of the ampitheatre by the bride's friend so that he is not tempted to cam into the bridal tent and get an early look at his bride.  Its scary how well my wife's BFF knows me.  Does the groom have jitters?  What  goes through a groom's mind to help him quell those pre-wedding jitters?  Is it the memorization of that eventful first ballroom dance he'll soon take and most likely never use again?  Is it worry over where the finances for the wedding are going to come from?  Or is it something else?  Perhaps thinking ahead to his wedding night?

Whoa!  Focus boy!  Where'd that thought come from?  We have to stay on course, a lot of stuff is about to occur and we gotta stay sharp!

Luckily, my girl Teri is one the scene to help me concentrate on my vows, where to stand, the important things.  Say Teri, that's a nice looking dress.  How does my bride's dress look? Is it pretty?  Yeah?  Nice smooth material you say?  You know what else is smooth?

Cut it out!  Where are these thoughts coming from???  Gotta stay on track!

Finally!  My bride is here, time to exchange vows, rings, and our eternal love.  Wow, she is beautiful!  I am blessed to be marrying the most beautiful woman in all of Second Life.  I can't wait until this is over and I can..

Okay, I have to figure out something to keep my thoughts from drifting.  This is getting out of hand.  Maybe my therapist was right that I've spent too much time as a tracker.

Of course I take her to be my wife.  Look at her.  What a lovely vision she is, so full of love, style, charm, grace, my cock..

I know I just did not think that while getting married!  Man, I may need to take her on the way to the reception just to numb the edge.  I think I'll definitely blame this all on BDS, that seems to be the easiest thing to do.

Well, not as easy as kissing my new bride.  Mrs. Trick Sinister.  Has quite a ring to it.  I wonder what her first act as my wife will be?  I think I might have a few ideas.

Okay, I let that one in on purpose.  Its not that I'm thinking of my wife on her knees with her mouth on my cock the day of our wedding.  I think of my wife doing that ALL the time.

Now that we're married, the bride aint the only thing cumming.

Both of us wish all of you, a very BAD DAY.  May at least some of you people be lucky enough to find happiness on the scale that we have.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Will there Be Anything Else?

You have no idea how hard it is to rape someone in a store when the store's automated service bot is asking you customer service questions.  I almost pissed myself when she asked if I'd like to watch the video on resizing my purchase.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sweet Revenge

My loyal readers will recall a huge misunderstanding back in October of last year with a girl named Kitty, or more specifically, Kitty's Mistress in which my character took a severe beating.

Low and behold, Kitty's Mistress recently joined the world of Bad Skirt prey.  Once my eyes got over the shock of seeing her on my Tracker, I dropped in at a safe distance.

Never one to pass up an opportunity for a good hard session of revenge fucking, I quickly teleported to Kitty's Mistress and secured her in the safest manner I know.

I gagged her so quickly she barely had time to mutter "Oh crap!"  Imagine the rush I felt running my hands up and down her helpless body.  Of course, I whispered to her the entire time what I was soon going to do to her body.  Part of me thinks that rather than shake with fear, she shook with arousal.

I then transported our little Domina to a secure location I know, and I proceeded to force her to dance for me.  Dance she did!

I of course was in the process of tearing her clothing from her as she spun around the pole when she began plucking at her own clothing, literally ripping it from her body as she eagerly changed dances and showed me several varieties of pole twirling.

It wasn't long before I began picturing another style of pole twirling, so I assisted Kitty's Mistress off of the dance pole.  She seemed very eager for this as well as she quickly bent over and began to beg me to take her.  Apparently the possibility of a good hard revenge session had been eating at her desire for some time.

So take her I did, over and over.

After several draining brushes with the fringe of her arousal peak, I let Kitty's Mistress have a taste of just how sweet revenge can taste.

She won't admit it, but I'm fairly certain she had a BAD DAY.

*Author's Note* - Just a quick disclaimer, Bad Day skirts are sold and used on the premise of permissibility and consent. Obviously I could never really force revenge onto someone with hostility in my intent as Kitty's Mistress could have simply blacklisted me from the product.  No Domina were hurt, too bad, in the making of this blog.  Special credit goes to Kitty's Mistress for her sense of play and adventure while participating in this posting.