Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sweet Revenge

My loyal readers will recall a huge misunderstanding back in October of last year with a girl named Kitty, or more specifically, Kitty's Mistress in which my character took a severe beating.

Low and behold, Kitty's Mistress recently joined the world of Bad Skirt prey.  Once my eyes got over the shock of seeing her on my Tracker, I dropped in at a safe distance.

Never one to pass up an opportunity for a good hard session of revenge fucking, I quickly teleported to Kitty's Mistress and secured her in the safest manner I know.

I gagged her so quickly she barely had time to mutter "Oh crap!"  Imagine the rush I felt running my hands up and down her helpless body.  Of course, I whispered to her the entire time what I was soon going to do to her body.  Part of me thinks that rather than shake with fear, she shook with arousal.

I then transported our little Domina to a secure location I know, and I proceeded to force her to dance for me.  Dance she did!

I of course was in the process of tearing her clothing from her as she spun around the pole when she began plucking at her own clothing, literally ripping it from her body as she eagerly changed dances and showed me several varieties of pole twirling.

It wasn't long before I began picturing another style of pole twirling, so I assisted Kitty's Mistress off of the dance pole.  She seemed very eager for this as well as she quickly bent over and began to beg me to take her.  Apparently the possibility of a good hard revenge session had been eating at her desire for some time.

So take her I did, over and over.

After several draining brushes with the fringe of her arousal peak, I let Kitty's Mistress have a taste of just how sweet revenge can taste.

She won't admit it, but I'm fairly certain she had a BAD DAY.

*Author's Note* - Just a quick disclaimer, Bad Day skirts are sold and used on the premise of permissibility and consent. Obviously I could never really force revenge onto someone with hostility in my intent as Kitty's Mistress could have simply blacklisted me from the product.  No Domina were hurt, too bad, in the making of this blog.  Special credit goes to Kitty's Mistress for her sense of play and adventure while participating in this posting.

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