Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Trails

So I decided to take a break and get away from the rigors of tracking.  I found a delightful region of snow covered mountains and hiking trails and getting back to nature I went.

Suddenly, I walk through a clearing and find the cutest little cabin.  I was just standing there taking in the scenery and the backdrop when the door to the cabin opened and this lovely lady stepped onto its porch.  I did a double take of course.  Is that a..can it be..a BDS skirt?  Its as if the BDS gods are talking to me.

This sweet lovely lass then invited up onto her porch to chat, although sadly she didn't know a word of English.  Thank God for well scripted and non-spammy translators.  The only issue at this point was do I continue on my journey and pass up this opportunity to grab another skirt?

Well, I think we all know the answer to that question.

In my defense I did want to inspect the cabin's interior.  I'm such a patsy for good quality construction.  Not that my new friend really gave me much opportunity to appreciate the craftsmanship.

The bedroom was as equally well constructed.

Again, not that I was able to appreciate it much as my new playmate had other designs.  Do remember that the camera adds ten pounds.  Or is it inches?

I wouldn't be much of a gentleman if I didn't return the favor of genital arousal.

Just for the record, I can report that "MMMMMMMMMMMM!" in French means pretty much the same thing as "MMMMMMMMMMMM!" in English.

I will say, nothing helps the mind unwind like a good healthy stroll in the woods.

You can see all kinds of wonderful sights.

Enjoy many heart racing activities.

But most importantly, you can get rid of any built up pressure.

I believe the French say it as; "Avoir une chienne mauvaise journee!"

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