Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Here Cums The Bride

WARNING - SENTIMENT AHEAD - and of course some nudity.

Three years.  That's how long I existed in Second Life without finding that one special thing.  That thing that so many others seem to find easily.  Love.  Oh sure, I thought I'd found it many times, but it always seemed to slip from my grasp at the last moment.  Then came Jennifer.  Never before have I chatted to someone, interacted with someone, existed with someone, in which we both connected on so many levels.  Its hard to believe that my fateful decision to buy a BDS tracker led me to such bliss.

Its amazing to me how well Jen and I read each other.  I can start a sentence and with very little effort, she can not only complete it, but make it hotter.  Those that talk to me in the game know that Jen and I have been engaged since early December.  We had originally planned on a February wedding and partnering.  Yesterday we decided neither of us could wait any longer.

Jen spent most of the day putting together an "impromptu" wedding setting.  I quote impromptu because quite frankly I was blown away by the work she did.  She'll tell you she had help from some very special friends, and she did, but still, my wife is pretty damn amazing.  I have to wonder what she could have thrown up if she had a week.  The Taj Mahal?  Fortunately for me, I just had to find a tux and show up.

Here's the groom, herded toward the front of the ampitheatre by the bride's friend so that he is not tempted to cam into the bridal tent and get an early look at his bride.  Its scary how well my wife's BFF knows me.  Does the groom have jitters?  What  goes through a groom's mind to help him quell those pre-wedding jitters?  Is it the memorization of that eventful first ballroom dance he'll soon take and most likely never use again?  Is it worry over where the finances for the wedding are going to come from?  Or is it something else?  Perhaps thinking ahead to his wedding night?

Whoa!  Focus boy!  Where'd that thought come from?  We have to stay on course, a lot of stuff is about to occur and we gotta stay sharp!

Luckily, my girl Teri is one the scene to help me concentrate on my vows, where to stand, the important things.  Say Teri, that's a nice looking dress.  How does my bride's dress look? Is it pretty?  Yeah?  Nice smooth material you say?  You know what else is smooth?

Cut it out!  Where are these thoughts coming from???  Gotta stay on track!

Finally!  My bride is here, time to exchange vows, rings, and our eternal love.  Wow, she is beautiful!  I am blessed to be marrying the most beautiful woman in all of Second Life.  I can't wait until this is over and I can..

Okay, I have to figure out something to keep my thoughts from drifting.  This is getting out of hand.  Maybe my therapist was right that I've spent too much time as a tracker.

Of course I take her to be my wife.  Look at her.  What a lovely vision she is, so full of love, style, charm, grace, my cock..

I know I just did not think that while getting married!  Man, I may need to take her on the way to the reception just to numb the edge.  I think I'll definitely blame this all on BDS, that seems to be the easiest thing to do.

Well, not as easy as kissing my new bride.  Mrs. Trick Sinister.  Has quite a ring to it.  I wonder what her first act as my wife will be?  I think I might have a few ideas.

Okay, I let that one in on purpose.  Its not that I'm thinking of my wife on her knees with her mouth on my cock the day of our wedding.  I think of my wife doing that ALL the time.

Now that we're married, the bride aint the only thing cumming.

Both of us wish all of you, a very BAD DAY.  May at least some of you people be lucky enough to find happiness on the scale that we have.


  1. Sassy shouts "STOCKHOLM SYNDROME!" lol

    Congrats to you both and best wishes

    ps, you're not supposed to fall for each other duh :p

  2. Congratulations to you both! I am so sorry that I was unable to attend the wedding! I wish you both lots of happiness and hot sweaty sex! When do I get to fuck the bride?