Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Indecisive Chicks

Now, you people know I hate to rant and rave as much as the next guy, but sometimes things happen that really test my patience.

Case in point, its been a while since I've actively tracked, so I went off today in search of prey to track, stun and use.  Luckily, today was a good day by tracking standards as it seemed several girls were wearing the victim HUD.  Just to repeat comments I've made in the past, victim HUD wearers get first priority from me.  I don't know how other trackers treat them, but that's my own preference.

It wasn't long before I had captured the cute little girl pictured above.  I tracked her, stunned her, used her, and gave her a bad day.  In short, after using her, I cuffed and gagged her and forced her to Sassy's store, knowing she would soon be released there.  I even asked someone I knew to be there to cut her free.  Obviously my careful planning worked, as she messaged me back in no time.

Now, before we get into how she knew to message me, let me make another statement.  I forced her away from my skybox as once you help a girl who is stunned, she can still not see your name displayed, but the more creative prey can and will figure out your identity.  I certainly did not want to make it easy for her.

Now, as to her message to me, here is the gist of the conversation.  Yes, the names have been changed to protect the innocent, or me.  Take your pick.

[09:56]  Indecisive Chick: well i know who it was now and there was no call for that  i was drugged and couldn't see name but i know i was on allusion untli you tped me to sassy like ya did i wasn't going to worry about it but never again have a nice day
[09:57]  Indecisive Chick: [09:55]  Dick Findem: Private Eye: The perpertrator of the event you selected (Event ID: 1 --> 2011-07-20 08:59:46 using Darts at Salamanders Paradox) was none other than the nefarious Trick Sinister!!
[09:58]  Sexy Mofo named Trick: it called me nefarious?
[09:58]  Sexy Mofo named Trick: that's not nice.
[09:58]  Sexy Mofo named Trick: im evil, maybe.
[09:58]  Sexy Mofo named Trick: never nefarious.
[09:59]  Sexy Mofo named Trick: besides, i tp'd you to sassy's.
[09:59]  Sexy Mofo named Trick: someone always releases people there.
[09:59]  Indecisive Chick: still wasnt nice
[09:59]  Sexy Mofo named Trick smiles.
[09:59]  Sexy Mofo named Trick: did you want a nice day, or a bad day?
[10:02]  Indecisive Chick: well lets see one tracker decides he gonna yank on my clothes so hard he dislocates my hip but then cant keep a connection, the n iget darted and comply as best i can, then i get cuffed gagged and sent tped away naked wasnt any reason for that but hey was your dart your kidnap shit happens but wont happen again "smiles" have a great day
[10:02]  Sexy Mofo named Trick: i suggest you try the nice day skirt if that's how you feel about it.

As a rule to prey, we trackers do not communicate to each and every other tracker.  How could I know the experience before our's had ended poorly for her?  Even so, why should I care?

Before "you know who" comes on here and says I obviously stomped on the girl's limits, here is her profile;

[08:56]  BDTrak Pro HUD: ############# INDECISIVE CHICK ♂M# #############
[08:56]  BDTrak Pro HUD: ## DETAILS ##
This bad day apparel wearer last AGREED to the bad day tracker terms of service on 2011-07-20 7:54 PM.
This Bad Day apparel wearer plays as a female. Their role play partner preference is male.  Normally, their RP time is >1 hour.
[08:56]  BDTrak Pro HUD: ## DO NOT ## No Piss,Scat,Death,Mutilation,Beating,Whipping
No Knifeplay or Knives of any kind, No Gangbangs, No Orgies,
No Anal
[08:56]  BDTrak Pro HUD: ## DO ## Take Me, Use Me, Fuck Me
[08:56]  BDTrak Pro HUD: ## TURNONS ## Indecisive Chick ♂M# has not added specific turnons to their Bad Day Profile...give them some!

Well, lets see;  No language about being force teleported or dumped after the scene ends.  I didn't piss or shit on her.  I didn't kill her.  I didn't mutilate her.  I didn't beat or whip her, but I did tear that pussy up.  <smirk>  I didn't use a knife.  I fucked her by myself.  I stayed away from her ass, a taint's distance to be exact.  I did take her.  I did use her, and I certainly fucked her.  I would have targeted her turn ons had the lazy bitch listed any.

So I guess the purpose of this post is to let all prey see what we trackers are dealing with when a random prey begins to berate and criticize us in main chat, or in general.  If it isn't restricted in your profile, expect us trackers, the good ones anyway, to pretty much take you and do whatever the fuck we want to do with you.  That's the working definition of "bad day".

If you don't like that, or don't want that, then don't get caught.  <smirk>  Good luck with that strategy.    Sassy didn't create the profile option because it looks pretty, she created it to be used.  For fuck's sake, use it.  We trackers do.


  1. Damn straight and from a user of Bad Day Jeans, I want to be tracked, and I have my profile filled out. I want Trackers to use the information I have so freely given as to what I like and what I do not like. I even have it listed in my SL profile.

    If you do NOT like what some Trackers can and do.. then don't wear the damn product and sit around free sex zones getting jacked up by n00bs.

  2. Indecisive Chick (and the other chicks like her) should stay away from the bad day jeans/skirt if they are going to be bad sports about stuff obviously not in their profiles.

    Trick, I like the blog :-)

  3. If someone is going to wear bad day products and its not in their BD profile under limits then they need to STFU when the get grabbed and used.. Um HELLO that means their bad day outfit is properly WORKING..

    Its girls like this one mentioned in this blog that make it frustrating, cuz the REAL sassy girls want to be on the tracker's menu and helpless to stop whatever devious plans he has for her. Just saying indecisive chick (and the others like her) that its time for you to retire your sassygear and go play safely in smurf village where everything is nice & SAFE. Leave handling the Trickster and others skilled like him to the real women.

    Now that puppy has said her 2 cents its time to go find a deliciously bad day. :-p