Thursday, July 21, 2011

About Damn Time!

So, there's this one girl I've flirted with many a time in the Sassy group chat, as well as in and about the store, but we've never had the opportunity to get together.  She'd wear her BDS belt or skirt, and I'd be busy or offline, or I'd be tracking and she'd be offline or already captured.

But, this past evening, the fates were kind.  I was finally able to meet with her, even if under the guise of helping her find a good sim to explore.

Lucky for her she caught me in a relaxed and mellow mood, so rather than the typical fare, I started things off with some light and peaceful cuddling.

That soon progressed to the both of us getting more comfortable.  Now those of you that have read several of my blog entries know that I typically stay dressed during my "encounters".  So when you see Big Daddy undressing, you know the girl I'm dressing down for is primo.

It wasn't long that our efforts to get comfortable escalated into some heavy petting and kissing.  I almost felt like a young man again.  Not that I'm not already mind you!

Before I knew it, my "guest" began getting a little cheeky, pushing me back into the wall and using her mouth to lower my resistance.  "Yes officer, that is EXACTLY how it happened!"  In all seriousness though, is that not a hot ass?

In either event, this girl needed to understand that nobody pushes me into a wall, hot little ass or not. She was very shocked to see that my belt was not just a prim belt for keeping my pants up, it was a fully functional slapping that fat juicy ass belt of her's.  *SMACK!* Now, you may think she's saying, "Oh Big Daddy!  Please don't whip me!!!!  I'll be a good little girl!"  But in reality, she's saying..  No.  Wait a minute.  She is saying that.  My mistake!

It wasn't long before my good mood returned though and I quickly gave my guest some pleasure to balance out the pain.

And pleasure.  Keep drooling guys, this lovely lady is happily partnered to one of our brethren trackers and I think he might be one of the two luckiest men in Second Life.

I use to run a pick in my profile about the sexiest asses in Second Life.  Certainly this girl's ass deserves entry to that group?  I do love how she rides cock.

Even more pleasure!

You see a pattern yet?

If it looks like she is saying, "TRICKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!", its because she is.

At the end of fucking this hot little number, I had to show my appreciation with a healthy dose of my semen on her face.  They say its good for the complexion.  She does have smooth skin.

Despite the adversarial roles between tracker and prey, sometimes we can exist in perfect harmony.  But don't think I'm not going to bend her over and fuck her again tomorrow.

Now, quit reading this post and go have a BAD DAY!

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