Friday, February 11, 2011

Going Green

I think one of the things I enjoy the most about Second Life is the lack of discrimination.  You'll run into white avatars.  Black avatars.  Brown avatars.  Avatars covered in fur.  Tall avatars.  Short Avatars.  WIDE avatars.  Green avatars.  Wait a minute.  Did I say green?  Yes I did.

I've decided that my standard in Second Life with regard to BDS tracking now reads as such; If it wears BDS gear, AND I can catch it, I will fuck it.  That includes hot little green pixie like demon thingies.  I'm not even sure what this delectable little thing is, but I figure it this way.  Two tits.  Cunt.  I'm in!

And what a cunt she has.

Don't worry, I checked.  Its pink on the inside.  Green chicks aren't that much different from other chicks.

They like to suck cock.

They LOVE to fuck.

Especially if you let them ride the cock.

Like most chicks, they love it when you take control and pound them from behind.

That really makes them squeal and moan.

You just have to pound the cock home until they drown out their screams in a soft whimper.

And here's the best part.  They pose on a statue base better than other girls because they already look artistic.

I love Second Life.  Where else can I make a green chick have a BAD day?

Let this serve as my official challenge to any and all females wearing BDS gear.  You think your avatar is safe?  Drop me a message and say "My avatar is safe from your cock!" and then make sure you are in RLV and permissions are not set.  I'll prove you wrong and post it here.

Stay tuned for a future posting of skin on fur fun!

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