Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What the...?

I sometimes have the strangest conversations with my prey as a tracker.  Every so often one will say something totally out of left field, or give me some piece of information that I just can't quite believe.  So imagine my shock when a couple of girls made mention of a tracker keeping a collection of pictures of all their prey.  Sure, we all keep some sort of souvenir, but to hear these girls tell it you'd think this tracker had caught every girl wearing Sassy's products.  I had to laugh.  Until they told me where I could see for myself.  This photo only represents a fraction of this tracker's prey.  Talk about diligence.

A Who's Who of prey.  Now I've seen everything, and from the looks of it, so have most of you!


  1. yes, i've been there... it was fun.. although without the pinv, it hardly seems like the full experience...