Monday, April 18, 2016

A New Me

One of my closest friends in SL recently suggested to me that I should transition my avatar into the world of mesh.  As many of you know, I've fought mesh for a long time, but I take this particular friend's suggestions to heart, so I did some research and found that Slink had an avatar that I could...well, live with.  Last night, I met up with my friend to let her see just how the new me looked.  I would have taken photos of myself dressed, but the clothes never seem to stay on long around this girl...  I'm sure you can see why.  Oh, and did I mention...she's a bit of a bondage enthusiast.

Clearly my look turned her on, just look at her panting with desire.

If you think her ass is hot here, you should see it once it's red from spanking.

Safe to say she's enjoying the new look, look at those lust filled eyes.  I know, you're thinking, "Eyes?"

New me, but I still have the same favorite position.

The only thing she enjoys more than bondage is cum, and me being the gentleman I am...

Now, most of you girls are thinking, "What neat cum appliers, where can I get them?"

Just stay tuned, I'll tell most of you soon.

No bad day, bitch sign off here.  I truly like leaving this girl smiling.

Feel free to comment on the new avatar.  Au Revoir!

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