Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So what happens when prey posts in the group chat that she doesn't understand what her victim's HUD does?

Well, an aspiring helpful young tracker just might take the initiative and show her.  These photos were supplied to me by just such a tracker.  Notice how the bastard modified his appearance to resemble me!?  Some people have no shame.

First the tracker shot and stunned his prey from a safe distance.  I agree with this step and recommend it to new and inexperienced trackers.  Prey can sometimes be needy subs in disguise and they have been known to charge anyone appearing to be dominant.  I also urge that you shoot from cover.

I approve of the location in which our tracker incapacitated his target.  Prey are so unsuspecting in or near marketplace-like environments.  Note our tracker captured his prey in front of a store, and in open daylight.  What a brave sumbitch he is.  Balls of brass that guy.

Of course, as our tracker demonstrates, just because you capture your prey in front of a store, doesn't mean you have to have your way with them there.  The back of the store is most times just as good.

Prey are so much at ease when in a quieter more secure location.  Just look at the unrestrained eagerness in which this girl locks her lips to our tracker's shaft.  Obviously, she could not do this if jittery or nervous.

Romance is also an equally potent aphrodisiac.  Notice how our tracker friend positioned the girl so they could both view the sunrise as he raped her ass.  Such thoughtfulness always makes me misty eyed.

Now, I have no words to express this portion of the experience.  Anyone who truly knows me knows I would never dump a load of hot sticky cum on a girl's face.  Final proof that this impostor is truly someone else.

And, in closing, once done with the prey, leave them where you use them.  Her names are hidden, so its not as if she can scream in your instant messaging box all day about what a perverted heartless bastard you are.  Welcome to the victim HUD and enjoy your BAD DAY bitch.

[Editor's Note - No girls were actually harmed, mistreated, abused, or left abandoned in the making of this blog.  I cannot promise that rule will apply when I catch YOU however.]

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